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What is the tickets app used for?

Buying a ticket to anywhere in the world is becoming easier and faster every year. The world's airlines have switched to e-tickets long ago, which can be purchased and paid online in just a few minutes. Having a modern smartphone in your pocket makes it even easier to do this: at any time and in any place, a person can become an air ticket holder. Online ticket booking systems greatly simplify the preparation for the trip — you do not need to go somewhere, stand in a queue, you can book tickets and pay on the website — and hand over them if necessary. KATASIS company offers development services for finding and booking tickets.

Tickets App

Tickets app service

The application for booking tickets should have the following functionality:

  • Buying tickets (one way and round trip).
  • Return tickets.
  • Purchase tickets for bonus points and track your bonus account.
  • Purchase and use of transport cards.
  • Storage and export of electronic tickets.
  • The train schedule and the display of interesting routes to the main page, plus the storage of search history.
  • Saving user data.
  • The display of announcements (for example, messages about changes in the schedule of long-distance trains or commuter trains).
  • Navigation at train stations.
  • FAQ.

The mobile application solves several tasks at once: additional protection against fraud; traffic concentration on mobile platforms; flexible and controlled process to attract customers; simple interface and ease of use.

Development Tickets App Android

Development ticket buying apps benefits for clients

  1. Unique interface. The application should not consist of complex tables and incomprehensible forms. Everything can be easily changed with one touch.
  2. Convenient selection. The application includes flight details. You can choose the time of departure and arrival. Automatic selection of the minimum ticket price, a variety of filters to refine your search and the best prices for nearby dates.
  3. The application allows you to pay in one click. Payment of the air ticket by credit card right in the app! The program remembers the card number for future payments in one click. Before paying for the next order, you will only enter the security code.Development tickets mobile apps in android
  4. Every user has a single personal account. The bonus will be if orders are available without an internet connection.
  5. Availability. The application allows you to book tickets on the way to the airport. In any place and at any time, the application will help the user to find, select, and buy cheap air tickets at competitive prices.
  6. Applications are often run campaigns and bonus programs are introduced. For example, a user can pay for an order and get bonuses. Bonuses can pay the next purchase.
  7. Each application must be supported by customer support.
  8. The application should provide free order status notifications by sms and email.

Development Tickets App Iphone

Development ticket buying apps benefits for customers

  • Data reporting. Statistics gathering and output it in the form of reports is supported. This allows you to effectively manage ticket sales, promotions, etc.
  • Support user roles. The system allows different users to provide different access levels to ensure the greatest security.
  • There is support for multilingualism and the legal and technical nuances of system usage in various countries are taken into account.

Development Ticket Apps For Android

It is important to consider such rules for development ticket design apps:

  • Predictability.
  • Simplicity for beginner and convenience for the advanced user.
  • Repeated interaction with the application should be faster than the first.


Applications that offer mass standard services should be predictable, especially when it comes to ticket sales. Even without starting the application, the user must be aware of what is waiting for him inside, and the task of the developer is not to deceive his expectations.

Therefore, you should not experiment with UI too much so as not to leave the user in the wilds of an incomprehensible interface. It is better to abandon radical ideas and focus on the creative development of existing norms.

Development tickets mobile apps

Simplicity for beginner and convenience for the advanced user

If a person has just installed the application, you should not be frightened by the abundance of buttons, columns and the complexity of the menu. The regular user of the application should receive additional features due to enhanced functionality and customization.

Repeated interaction with the application should be faster than the first

All data must be entered only once — during the first use of the application. We believe that in mobile applications you need to save everything except payment information.

Development Ticket Buying Apps

Stages of development by tickets app companyKATASIS

  1. The idea of the project and consultation. People come to our company not just to order a mobile application, but to implement their ideas or automate business processes. Our developers and analysts will give you free advice.
  2. Project evaluation and proposal. The developer evaluates the project. After which the client receives a preliminary tickets app cost.
  3. Backlog and contract. Meeting with a product-owner, discussion of key details. The developer will make backlog for the whole project together with the customer. After approval of backlog, an agreement is signed with the customer.Tickets app cost
  4. Sprint planning. An agreement with the customer about what tasks will be performed at the next sprint.
  5. Retrospective. Demonstration of the development results for the week to the customer. The team analyzes the risks and problems, completes the sprint, optimizes the further process of writing a mobile software product.
  6. Mobile application is created. The client receives an excellent ready-made application that can be used for its intended purpose.

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