Travel apps development

Today, when the tourism industry is experiencing far not the best times, it is important for tourism and transportation companies to stand out to become the best in the competition.

Therefore, top travel agencies interested in mobile applications for tourism. This is an excellent tool to communicate with the intended public and in building a business process.

Travel App Development

Tourist mobile applications can be considered:

  • Google maps;
  • travel planners;
  • software that shows the closest usable Wi-Fi points anywhere in the world;
  • software to choose and book hotels and/or flights;
  • software to buy rail and air tickets in the particular route;
  • find the closest buildings or places that meet specific criteria (for instance, having wireless internet);
  • traveler forums and tourist guidance.

Travel App Development Company

Functionalities of the travel app development:

For travelers:

  • look for hotels according to your needs, preferences, and conveniences.
  • real feedback from travelers about places and hotels
  • multimedia content (photos and videos)
  • evaluation of hotels, restaurants, and resorts
  • evaluation and share your
  • ability to leave feedback and share view
  • being able to upload photos and videos
  • find promotional offers
  • filters according to category

Travel Mobile App Development

For travel agencies, airlines, hotels:

  • company card
  • list of present tours
  • work with tourists feedbakcs
  • TOP sites
  • ability to place promotional offers
  • scheduling flights
  • synchronize the most recent flight data
  • work with maps, location
  • advanced Search
  • filters and sorting

Order Travel Apps

For service owners:

  • Manage service settings;
  • Manage hotel accounts;
  • Manage requests for changing information from the hotels;
  • Category management, add. services, issuance, etc .;
  • Manage reservations;
  • Control: reporting, dashboard and more

Travel Apps Android

Travel mobile app development from our company

Ordering the development of an application for tourism in our company is simple.

We propose to create a product based on iOS and Android software, and also cross-platform.

The application gives several advantages:

  • improving the features of the services provided.
  • New, economical for the client, while timing an effective way to provide customers with all the important information about the services, additional services, promotions, and special offers.
  • Maintain a reputation at a high level.
  • The attraction of new clients.Travel Apps For Apple Watch
  • Tourism application can be a supplement to the site or a separate resource with many options:
  • search for housing by certain parameters: location, prices, period, characteristics, reviews, photos;
  • search for tourist routes;
  • reservation and payment of housing and services;
  • order additional services.

How do we develop applications for tourists

Tourist applications are among the most common applications. Our task as developers is to develop such an application for tourists that will attract and retain as much as possible the audience so that in later stages monetizing it.

Therefore, during the initial stage, we administer business expertise. Analyze the market as well as competitors. The team examines the evaluations of the clients. The team creates a portrait of the target audience, and identify their expectations and needs.

Development Travel Apps For Iphone

A critical step to develop a travel application is to position and to name it. This is what attracts the visitor first.

After that, we prepare the logic of the application, prototype, design.

The final step is to test the application. The highest variety of mobile devices is used for this purpose to ensure that the mobile application for travel works flawlessly.

Order travel apps: development stages

  • Analysis of the market of services, activities of competitors.
  • Preparation of a technical assignment considering all tasks and functions.
  • Creation of architecture — a prototype of the project, design, front-end and back-end parts.
  • Product development and pre-testing with possible subsequent correction.
  • Running the finished application.
  • Subsequent technical support with the possibility of project development.
  • Promotion and publication in the Stores.

Development Travel Apps Advantages

Cost of the application

These factors determine the travel application’s cost: how complex is functionality,

The cost of the application for travel is influenced by such factors: the complexity of the functional, the platform utilized (whether the application is designed for iPhone, Windows or Android), design.

We are different in a way that we charge for the whole project instead of charging for the time spent to develop the project.

  • Even before the project starts, the customer is aware of the project’s cost.
  • All obligations and terms are prescribed in the contract.
  • Your app will be available on Google Play and the App Store, this a guarantee provided by us.
  • Our goal is to develop an exclusive product that will handle the main tasks: maximum user-friendliness, promotion of activities and an boost the profit of the company-customer.

Additional Features

We develop native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, prepare and host them in application stores. Native applications are characterized by the high speed of work stability and increased integration with the system.

Offer Travel Apps Apple

Work with geodata and device sensors

Using data from sensors, the application can determine the state of the device geo-position, position in space, motion, lighting, temperature.

Integration with social networks

By integrating applications with social networks, users can easily register and share information with friends.

Analytics of use and A/B testing

It can be seen from the analytic reports about how to use the application and track errors. Conducting A/V tests allows making the application as useful to people and effective for business.

We are preparing applications for publishing on Google Play and the AppStore. Create screenshots, select keywords, and description, develop an application icon.

Travel mobile app development

Offer travel apps: a flexible approach

We use a methodology that is convenient for clients: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

We are not afraid of on the go project alterations and are will provide timely communication and information about the project stages.

If requested, you will be provided access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker.

All of the clients get a personal, experienced project manager who will answer frequent questions. If required, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is available.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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