Utility apps development

What are utility programs?

Utilities play the role of intermediaries between the operating system and application programs. There is a great amount of auxiliary operations we need that cannot be carried out by means of operating systems or applications. For these tasks we use small but effective service programs. Many of them work in the background and we do not notice them, but when we face an unexpected problem, they help us to solve it. They protect your device from viruses and help to restore information in case it was lost. These programs are indispensable for solving such problems.

Utility Apps

Mobile utility app development

Web utilities and scripts are usually simple programs that help to automate routine tasks. Mobile app utility companies create these scripts for various tasks: from parsing websites to checking instant messengers for telephone numbers.

Scripts work in conjunction with a platform or application. For example, a grabber may collect content from competitors' publics and publish it in your group. A checker can check telephone numbers in instant messengers and make mail outs to the existing ones.

The KATASIS utility app company develops scripts and utilities for solving any problem. We will help you to evade reCAPTCHA, automate mass mailing and create data import and account registration scripts.

Utility Apps Companies

Types of utilities

Software for packing

These programs are designed to compress information stored on a drive, create copies of certain files that are much smaller than the original, and combine these copies into one common archive. It is very convenient to create file archives with utilities, because storing information on removable media in compressed form is much more convenient and practical.

Antivirus software

The main purpose of antivirus software is to prevent the corruption of files from various viruses and eliminate the consequences of infection. Antiviruses are programs that allow you to detect virus programs on removable media or in the PC RAM to disinfect them.

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Communication programs

These programs are used for exchanging information between multiple PCs. They make transferring files from one PC to another quite convenient and practical. Some programs of this type are able to establish a connection between parallel ports, which significantly speeds up the data transfer. This category also includes the programs that allow PCs to connect via a telephone network using a modem.

Utility Apps Service

Diagnostic programs

These programs are used to audit PC configurations, display information about the amount of memory, its usage, drive types etc. They give you the opportunity to check the performance of hard drives on your PC. In addition, they are able to detect future errors and impending drive malfunctions, as well as prevent the loss of information they store.

Optimization programs

These programs are able to provide more rapid access to the data stored on your PC by optimizing its location on the drive. These programs eliminate fragmentation, which makes all sections of every file move closer to each other. In addition, they collect all the files on the drive in one place. This reduces the drive wear and the number of drive heads’ movements, as well as allows you to access information more quickly.

Utility Apps Company

What utility apps do we create?

  1. Parsers. These utilities allow you to collect and structure data from websites and applications.
  2. Clickers. These are the web-based tools that simulate application or website interface users.
  3. Autologgers. These are the utilities that can register a large amount social network and instant messenger accounts.
  4. Unit conversion utilities.
  5. Currency conversion utilities.
  6. Alarm utilities.
  7. Payment reminder utilities that track expenses.
  8. Scanner utilities (barcode, QR-code).

Development Utility Apps Cost

From idea to popular product: application development stages

  1. Define the main goals and objectives of your web application. This stage helps you to focus on further development.
  2. Specify your target audience. At this stage, you define your potential customers. It is important to consider their gender, age, social status, etc. You determine what they may be interested in on the site, as well as what access they need. For example, you may target the iOS users with the utility app development for iPhone.
  3. Detailed functional specifications of the website or application. All utility app companies create functional specifications for each section or page. The more detailed and specific the description will be, the more accurate and complete the developer’s implementation may be.

development utility mobile apps

  1. Identifying and analyzing any third-party resource providers. In addition to the developer, you may need a designer to make your interfaces attractive to visitors. You may also need: payment systems, SSL providers, hosting services, necessary equipment suppliers, etc.
  2. Layout design. Functional interface and layout design are considered the most crucial steps in website development. They are created, by designers on the basis of the provided functional specifications.
  3. Website or application development. At this stage, the prepared layouts are implemented in software codes and web pages. The developers form a database structure and develop interfaces for payment system interaction, etc. This is done according to the functional specifications.
  4. Testing. This is the final application development stage that includes testing and debugging. It is usually carried out by the customer company staff. Apart from checking the functions, load and usability testing may also be carried out.

Mobile Apps Utility Companies

Why you should order the utility app development service in KATASIS?

  1. Time frame. We will develop utilities in 7 days depending on the complexity and amount of functions.
  2. Scaling. We will add functions after the launch. If your processes has become more complicated, the utility will develop with you.
  3. Reliable partner. We do not abandon the project halfway. We provide support and maintenance of the code throughout its entire life cycle.

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