Windows apps development

Professional development of programs for windows is one of the key moments of today's IT market. The family of these operating systems: windows 8, windows 7, windows XP is the most common platform on the planet, as for entertainment and for domestic, office functions. In this light, it is quite obvious that the development of software for windows is a mandatory interest of both customers and performers. Projects for Windows were and are the most popular, promising and profitable.

Windows is:

  • Demand
  • Prevalence
  • Modern technologies

Windows Apps Development

Today, Windows mobile app development servicesallow you to:

  1. create an effective channel for communication and feedback;
  2. provide an opportunity to raise your business to a new level;
  3. increase customer loyalty;
  4. create an image of a company that is confidently moving towards an innovative future.

Windows Apps Development Tools

Windows app development services from KATASIS

The choice of application depends on the long-term and short-term goals of the company and its needs. We develop the following types of applications for Windows Phone:

  • business applications;
  • data processing applications;
  • educational applications;
  • news applications;
  • e-commerce applications;
  • client-server applications;
  • multimedia applications;
  • entertainment applications.

The mobile application development is a very laborious process that requires deep involvement of both the performers and the customer, especially at the stage of primary information gathering. Therefore, we pay special attention to building competent relationships with our customers.

Thanks to well-established communication, any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Close cooperation with the client allows us to design and develop a powerful and multifunctional working windows apps development tools for business.

Windows Store Apps Development

What should be considered when ordering Windows phone app development?

If you have decided to develop an application for Windows Phone, you should consider several factors:

  • Think about whether you need it. After all, this operating system covers a small number of devices. Perhaps it is more promising to order creating on IOS or Android.
  • If, nevertheless, there is confidence in choosing a platform, it is necessary to develop a clear Internet strategy to popularize the application and promote Windows store apps development, since the audience is not as wide as possible and you need to fight for each user.
  • If you want to develop an application for sale, then the best idea would be to copy popular applications from Android, which are not in the Windows store, since the main disadvantage of this operating system is a limited number of applications.
  • Microsoft is trying to devote maximum attention to developers and give as wide manuals as possible, so you will never get into a dead end during the development stages of a mobile application.

Windows Mobile Apps Development

Windows desktop apps development: what tasks do programs solve?

It has to be said that the development of programs for windows is aimed at a wide audience. If we compare the total percentage of users of this operating system in everyday life with other platforms, we get a figure reaching 90%. In other, specific and niche areas, it will be somewhat lower, but all the same — software development for windows remains highly in demand in the IT market. What tasks do such programs solve? The range of their application is very wide, it is worth noting only the main areas that affect software development on this platform.

  • Providing the personal computers functionality. In addition to the operating system itself, the Windows software creating involves the development of programs that monitor the processes at the workstation.
  • Various applications for business. Their spectrum is huge. Creating programs in this direction does not stop for a minute and every day there are various useful utilities, both created for specific tasks and for mass consumption.
  • Multimedia programs. Creating programs in this vector also moves constantly. The main role here is played by the tools for creating and reproducing content — editors, programs for working with graphics, and so on.

The listed items are only general directions in which the software development for this operating system is relevant. In fact, it is much broader. The question arises — where to find qualified performers whose services an investor can order and whose prices will be acceptable?

Windows Phone Apps Development

Windows mobile apps development: the outlook for our Windows Phone apps

Ordering an application for Windows Phone is suitable for all companies that want to increase their market share by adapting to all mobile operating systems or companies with a target audience that actively uses this mobile operating system.

Creating applications for Windows Phone at KATASIS ensures that we:

  1. We carefully fix and study customer requirements;
  2. We carefully consider the architecture and functionality of the application;
  3. We place accents on usability;
  4. We take into account all the features of the company's corporate identity when creating a design concept.
  5. We work in-house production: our company consists of 20 talented specialists with experience in developing complex projects for foreign companies.
  6. We specialize in complex business projects, we use an integrated approach from the development of the idea to the final launch.
  7. We guarantee the transparency of the process: weekly you will receive the current status of the project. We give access to our project management system and the opportunity to consult with developers.

Windows Desktop Apps Development

Developing applications for Windows Phone will allow you to approach your business problems from a new perspective, taking into account the use of the entire potential of the operating system. And our rich experience in developing applications will create a high-quality solution for your business.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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