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Brand advertising strategy

There are various approaches to the concept of “advertising strategy of a company” (often also used synonyms — “advertising strategy of an enterprise”, “advertising strategy of an organization”, etc.; not to be confused with a narrower concept of “strategy of an advertising campaign”), its place in the hierarchy of strategies and relationship with creative, media and other brand strategies.

Advertising Strategy

There are two main points of view:

  1. The company’s advertising strategy is in the hierarchy below strategic planning and derives from it.
  2. Brand advertising strategy is at the highest level of the hierarchy and includes strategic planning, media, and creative strategies.

Agency KATASIS adheres to the second point of view on the essence of the advertising strategy. We practice an integrated approach to the advertising strategy development, which necessarily includes the study of the market and the target audience, the development of brand positioning and the main communication message, the definition of advertising placement channels and the creation of a creative concept. Moreover, developing an advertising strategy consists of the interconnection of these basic steps — strategic planning, development of media and creative strategies.

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Order Advertising Strategy

In general, the brand’s advertising strategy is designed to answer the following basic questions:

  • Advertising strategy answers the question, what are the coordinates of the brand in the framework of the modern market, shelves and communication systems.
  • Advertising strategy determines where we would like to be, what global goals we set for ourselves, who we would like to seem.
  • Advertising strategy determines what the brand needs to say to the consumer in order to achieve these goals.
  • Advertising strategy shows how a brand should deliver its message.
  • Advertising strategy indicates through which communication channels the brand should speak to the consumer.

A comprehensive view of the market and communications will allow the agency to get professional answers to these questions and develop an effective advertising strategy. The development of a brand promotion strategy should be carried out exclusively by mass communication specialists.

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Buy Advertising Strategy

Advertisement strategy in marketing: in advertising strategy development must be considered

  • the specifics of the product category and the product itself;
  • significant, unique properties of the product, which can interest the potential consumer;
  • promotional efforts of competitors;
  • the attitude of the target audience mind.

Company Advertising Strategy

Advertising strategy development process: stages of creating an advertising strategy:

  • clear identification of the target audience — the target group, that part of potential consumers, to which the main advertising impact should be directed;
  • advertising object identification and the product concept development or USP (unique selling proposal);
  • the optimal choice of advertising tools, that is, the formation of channels for advertising message distribution. This choice will depend not only on the purpose of the advertising campaign but also on the budget that is allocated for it;
  • an advertising message formation is an original task, usually uniting creative efforts of designers and copywriters, elements of scientific research and logical analysis.

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Company advertising strategy and media strategy

An important element of the company advertising strategy is its media component. The media strategy is based on data about the target audience and the main communication message received at the stage of developing a marketing strategy. Knowing the audience helps the media planner to determine which media this audience consumes, and create a literate media mix, determine the period and duration of advertising exposure and calculate the total budget for media promotion.

Then the media planner proceeds to tactical media planning. Within advertising strategy development, he formulates an approach to place each specific media channel, determines its effective media weight. At this stage, the development of media plans and charts of the advertising campaign, optimization and transaction processing take place. At the same time, competitors’ media activity researches are taken into account, as well as analysis of the media activity efficiency of the brand being promoted over previous periods.

Brand Advertising Strategy Order

Developing an advertising strategy: an advertising campaign as part of an advertising strategy

An advertising campaign is your main weapon in the war for a place in the sun for your brand. It is not enough just to create a brand, to develop a packaging design, a name and a corporate identity, and it is necessary to present it to your target audience.

The advertising campaign is designed to inform consumers about the company, its product or service, to attract attention to them and form a positive image. If your brand is high-quality, unique and “fit for a king”, not only you and your company should know about this, you need to convey this to everyone. Advertising campaign is like a small battle for the attention and recognition of the audience. It helps to demonstrate the uniqueness of your product, the positioning concept, the brand legend, the competitive advantages of the product.

The effectiveness of the advertising campaign, as compared with individual promotional activities, has been proven by world practice. The effect of individual promotional activities is much lower, and costs significantly grow, and therefore the relevance of planning promotional activities in the complex increases.

Brand Advertising Strategy

The campaign plan consists of the following items:

  1. Preparing for an advertising campaign. At this stage, the goals of the advertising campaign and the main objectives are defined. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to conduct a market research and analysis of competitive companies, form the main characteristics of the target audience and its needs, determine the budget of the campaign and the timing of its implementation.
  2. Advertising campaign development. Definition of a unique campaign idea and formation of its strategy. The choice of media, media planning. Development of advertising design, production of advertising materials, POS-materials, writing advertising texts.
  3. Running an advertising campaign: advertising, distribution of promotional materials, conducting promotional activities.
  4. Evaluation of the advertising campaign effectiveness: comparison of selected methods of exposure, media resources and the development of recommendations for the future.

As long as you do not make a name for yourself, no one will know about you! An advertising campaign allows you to reveal the idea of your product, bring a high level and show the majesty of your brand.

Brand Promotion

Advertising strategy for business

KATASIS company will develop for you an effective advertising strategy worthy of a strong brand.

Working with us, you get the opportunity to:

  • draw attention specifically to your consumers;
  • form the perception of your trade name, brand, company, products or services;
  • become recognizable and engage the target audience;
  • build and strengthen trust to a brand and customer loyalty.

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