Semantic core collection

What are the semantic core collection services for?

The first and the most important thing during website promotion is to correctly compile a semantic core. In other words, the semantic core is a list of keywords for promotion, and depending on the correctness of their compilation and selection, the success of the website depends.

Many people get frustrated with SEO. The problem is that often people themselves bring in a ready-made semantic core, and ask search engine optimization companies to promote it. Almost all requests are displayed in the TOP, but the client is not satisfied. It seems to be all right, the links are well ranked, and sales did not increase.

What is the problem? The problem is the proper compilation of the semantic core.

The fact is that there are a huge number of empty words, or pseudo-wound, which bring the least amount of visitors. Or there are words which seem to bring a huge amount of traffic, but the price for promotion is so high that it will be cheaper and easier to promote several mid-frequency requests in the amount that will give traffic more than one high-frequency request.

When compiling a semantic core, it is necessary to especially take into account the subject matter, regional nature, and the specific nature of the customer’s work.

What does KATASIS do in compiling the semantic core? We choose the exact word forms for promotion and remove empty words, cross out the wound requests.

Semantic Core Collection Services

What are wrong semantic core clustering disadvantages?

  • Appearance of duplicate pages that respond to the same problem.
  • Failure of the entire search promotion.
  • Loss of potential customers / visitors.
  • Loss of the budget for the formation of incorrect content for the pages.
  • Difficulty of getting into the top of the search results.
  • Large percentage of failures and bad behavioral factors.

For which projects semantics is grouped?

  1. Online stores and portals
  2. Service Companies
  3. Contextual projects
  4. For traffic arbitration
  5. For contextual advertising

Semantic Core Collection Services For Website

Semantic core collection services for website will help to:

  • Increaseweb resource visibility. Search engines will find your website using the keys and offer it to users who are interested in these requests. As a result, the influx of potential customers is growing — the chances of selling a product/service increase.
  • Avoid the mistakes of competitors. When collecting a semantic core, it is necessary to analyze competing websites that occupy the first positions in search results. Through the study of such web resources, you can determine which queries help them to be in TOP, on what topics they write texts, what ideas are unsuccessful. During the competitive analysis, there may also be ideas on how to develop your business.
  • Make the website structure. Before you create a website menu, you need to build a complete semantic core. After seeing all the requests that users use when searching for your product or service, you can determine the sections and harmoniously link them together. Most likely, you will need to make such pages, which initially you did not even think about.
  • Exclude re-spam. Creating a semantic core website is an integral part when optimizing pages. Having received all the key requests «on hands», you can evenly scatter them into relevant sections. At the same time, you cover the maximum of necessary queries, avoiding duplication of keys and exceeding the allowable 3% density of keywords.
  • The selection of the semantic core is also necessary if you want to compile the right content plan, choosing the perfect themes for texts or posts.

Semantic Core Collection Services For Website Company

How KATASIS makes up the semantic core collection

  1. We define the main markers and designate the structure. Algorithm of work: request information on areas of work from the client; analyze the list of services whose pages are already on the website; collect a list of major competitors, determine the presence of synonyms.
  2. We set priorities and detail. When there is a list of basic services and it is clear what basic requests characterize a website niche, you can prioritize: which pages / sections are main and which are secondary; what directions to collect the list of requests in the first place, and what to wait; in what order to optimize existing pages or add new ones. After the main sections are scheduled, you can proceed to the second stage — begin to work out in detail each direction, in accordance with the priority set.
  3. Collection and clustering of semantic core. You can create a keyword list with the help of many tools, unloading your competitors from the top, or use any other profile tools — Key Collector, Rush Analytics, etc. With the help of sorts and filters in Excel we remove the following types of keys: all requests with zero frequency (total frequency); information requests; unsuitable for one reason or another keys.
  4. Pre-optimization of existing pages. Work on the website should be constant and, even having done a good one-time job, over time there will always be something to improve. So with the semantics, the pre-optimization of existing pages allows you to get an increase in positions and attendance by an average of 20-30%. To carry out such work can be a few months after their creation.

The definition of the main markers, reference requests and their further expansion allows you to work out really high-quality and logical structure. And prioritization makes it possible to build processes in a convenient format, avoid abrasions, and begin to gradually introduce an optimization strategy into reality.

Semantic Core Collection Services For Website Companies

Semantic core compilation with KATASIS

Collecting the semantic core is hard work, requiring a lot of time, effort and patience. Here a quite reasonable question arises: is it worth it to waste efforts on the creation of a semantic core? If you want your Internet project to be popular, constantly increase the customer base and, accordingly, the company’s profits, the answer is unequivocal — «YES». The SEO specialists of semantic core collection services for website company KATASIS will help you to create the right core that will work.

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