Google and Yandex promotion

Why do we use Google and Yandex promotion?

KATASIS is a web agency specializing in website promotion, effective SEO website promotion (Google and Yandex) around the world, advertising for all search and social websites. The most popular promotion services include:

  • Contextual advertising websites;
  • SEO website promotion for traffic;
  • SEO website promotion on the search queries positions in the TOP.

If you need to advertise an online store or promote your company’s website services on the Internet, comprehensive website promotion, our SEO company will do everything possible to achieve the desired results as quickly as possible. The range of services includes auditing and recommendations for optimizing SEO website promotion or development of an optimized website, setting links to promoted websites, crowd marketing, semantic core collecting, content writing, website structure development, Usability recommendations for improving conversion, and WEB- analytics, services for setting up and contextual advertising maintenance.

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Google Website Promotion

What is Google and Yandex promotion?

SEO website promotion in search engines is a set of actions to improve the visibility of a website in search results for targeted thematic key queries aimed at increasing targeted traffic to a website. This is a service that we are specialized in, and which we are proud of! Digital advertising for your website deserves to be at the highest level!

Business SEO promotion benefits:

  • Website rankings improvement in search engine results;
  • Website ranking on Google Maps, Google My Business placement and formation;
  • Brand development and loyalty;
  • Effective promotion channel;
  • A website that meets all the search engines requirements;
  • Organic traffic increase (without reference to the cost per click);
  • Internal website optimization in accordance with the requests of the target audience.

Yandex Website Promotion

Yandex website optimization

Yandex loves content, so it needs high-quality content that contains keywords in various occurrences. The content subject matter is important for Yandex promotion of website: website theme as a whole must correspond to the theme of the promoted key request. Be adequate in choosing keywords for the semantic core and narrowly focused on web content. Also, Yandex is very worried about the frequency of content update (better — more often) and the order of its updates (useful — to comply with the mode).

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Additional points Russian search engine gives to «good sites.» The good website is determined by “behavioral factors”. In fact, Yandex evaluates the user’s behavior on the website, the refusal indicators for certain requests, the quantity, and quality of the interactive and includes all this data in the ranking formula. Roughly speaking, if your website is beautiful, and users happily walk through its pages, filling out the order and feedback forms, Yandex will rate you as the best places in their own TOP10. If your website has failed, continue developing and improving it with KATASIS.

Company Website Optimization

Yandex promotion for the website

With relation to the links, Yandex also prefers quality to quantity. The successful promotion will help registration in Yandex Catalog.

As for the reference construction as a whole, in promoting Yandex, it is worth paying attention to high-quality, expensive and thematic links. Links must be eternal (set and forget, no “blinking”) and equipped with competent, thoughtful anchors.

Google website optimization service

In terms of content, Google has significantly fewer requirements. He needs a lot of good content. The main difference from Yandex is the extreme importance of internal linking. PR (PageRank) for Google search engine determines the «weight» of the page. The weight, in fact, is determined by the quantity and quality of links (both internal and external) to this page. Due to the qualitative linking of the internal pages, it is just possible to “play” with the weight, maximizing the PR of the promoted page.

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Another important point for Google promotion of a website is the so-called “authorship”, linking a specific article on your web site’s page to a Google+ account. The photo and signature of the “linked” author will be shown to users in the search results for relevant queries.

Search Engine Optimization

The more people click the Share button on your website and tell friends about your unique products/services/articles, the more effective Google promotion services will be. Produce quality content and do not forget to put social icons on the website for a quick “sharing”.

Finally, Google has Google Local. The search engine tracks your location and offers “closer” options in the search results for a geo-dependent query.

Google website promotion

In contrast to Yandex, the Google search engine is calm about the quality of purchased links, in particular, low-cost links from blogging provide a quick and effective result in terms of Google promotion.

In addition, co-citation is already used by advanced SEO-specialists in Google overseas. This is the future of SEO, which should be pursued by determining a long-term strategy. The meaning of co-citation is its usage for website promotion on Google, not links, but “references” to the brand or website name next to the target keywords on other websites. For example, if a high-quality web resource puts in the text of the main page a phrase like “N company has a great article on the topic of website optimization and promotion in Google”, presumably our website will rise by the query “website promotion in Google” in the search engine of the same name.

Optimizing Seo Website Promotion

Why promotion is trusted to KATASIS?

  1. We start on the 1st day after signing a contract
  2. We have our own unique software.
  3. We write content for websites and articles
  4. We guarantee a reduction in the click price every month.
  5. We promise the dynamic growth of traffic from the 1st month
  6. We work to increase your sales
  7. We are working on the landing pages
  8. We provide convenient reporting online
  9. We hold regular meetings with clients

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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