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Application output to the TOP places in App Store is a vital complex for obtaining a constant profit from your application. This can be achieved by various methods, many of them are popular, some are very controversial. Do you want to know what methods really work? Contact our marketing experts right now!

App store optimization

Promotion of iOS applications: which promotion method can be used for output?

First of all, let’s figure out why you need to promote iOS applications. If you want to profit from your application or game, then what do you need? Steps like placing in the App Store, getting a good rating and positions in the TOP, setting up organic users and using the target audience should be used. This applies to both paid and free applications.

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The procedure for promotion is quite complicated. Almost all developers face this fact. As long as your offspring is not in TOP, it will be difficult for you to get such a coveted user, start earning and recoup his creation. So let’s look at some of the methods that can be used to promote iOS applications:

App Store Publish

App Store publishing process

Motivated iOS installation

To be more precise, this is installations purchase. This option is considered as a universal method of inference, which almost always works, it is efficient and fast. The principle of the promotion is as follows: the real user downloads the application via a direct link, or through the specified search queries (keywords), he uses a certain time. He gets a reward for this. These actions «push» your «brainchild» to the TOP category and search queries (keywords), collecting in the process of the campaign and in fact reaching the TOP a large amount of organic traffic, a clean target audience. The main advantage of such mobile application promotion is that the App Store assigns you a high rating in the shortest possible time, comprehensively encourages your project, placing it in Trending Searches and various selections, for example — «Top New», «Gaining popularity» and so on. A properly organized campaign using motivated traffic usually pays off very quickly.

App Store Publishing Process

Review on popular resources

Such iOS promotion refers to unmotivated traffic and provides the publication of information (with advertising bias) in social networks, blogs, video reviews and so on. You will receive a certain period of organic traffic of good quality as a result. But don’t have illusions about the huge volumes and the large percentage of conversions in the involved users. Traffic is not enough for a serious «take-off».

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Run a cross-promotion in the App Store

The method is applicable if you already have a ready and working application. Send out your push notifications to your target audience. If the audience coverage is large, then such iOS promotion will be quite effective. If not, it will be necessary to get positions by other methods. Also for promoting an app on the App Store, it’s important that it fall into Featuring an “App of the Day”.

App store optimization company

Favorable place in the selection of the popular project «Application of the Day» in the App Store

It’s not free. But this promotion of iOS games brings results. Sometimes this method brings good results, because visitors see your game or application, get acquainted with it, download and use.

This method is the most effective for the promotion of iOS applications, in the sense that it gives an instant conclusion. The number of installs is growing very quickly, as with the promotion of motivated traffic, but the price is significantly higher. After a series of competently planned purchases, the application goes to the TOP.

App Store Publish An App

Integrated promotion in the App Store

What could be better than the above actions? That’s right, just combining them. And the result is worth it — the program with lightning speed is displayed in the TOP.

What factors affect the ranking of applications in the App Store?

The promotion of the game is influenced by such components:

  • total number of installations;
  • their dynamics (number in the last few hours and days);
  • rating and evaluation;
  • comments and their number;
  • number of deletions (their dynamics);
  • a number of times the application is restarted.

Now, you can affect on them, knowing the factors that influence the ranking. The next set of actions is called App Store Optimization or ASO, before which you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the store.

Apple Store Publish An App

App Store optimization audit: things to remember when promoting the application

  1. The concept of «TOP» is very vague. Its length is determined by the width of the screen of a particular device. For example, a smartphone with a screen of 3.5 inches will display two applications. On the iPad with a diagonal of 10.1 inches — 10 applications. During the search for games and applications, the average user scrolls through 4-5 screens.
  2. App Store displays specific applications for residents of certain regions or countries on the leading positions.
  3. Combine the motivated and unmotivated settings — and be able to get good results.
  4. Use special services to be sure about the quality of the traffic (that all installations are performed by real users with real devices). The absence of bots and emulators is important. The launch of the application after its installation and the observance of the principle of uniqueness are mandatory parameters.

Do you still doubt that the promotion in the App Store of iOS applications is effective? In vain, in fact, without this method, most good applications and games would never have gained popularity!

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Publish Ios Beta App

App Store optimization techniques: basic steps of application optimization

  • Competitive intelligence. Analysis of competitors’ applications allows you to identify the elements that should be prioritized, build a preliminary semantic core, and identify trends and dependencies that are already being used by recognized brands. This, in turn, will reduce the time to prepare your own strategy. This step is mostly done manually, by selecting the right applications using the App Store. When selecting competitors, you should pay attention to the following elements: the volume of application settings, optimized screenshots, a full description, an optimized name.
  • Choosing an optimization strategy. There are three strategies aimed at increasing the visibility of the application: by adding a large number of keywords, increasing the position of issuing when searching for certain keys and increasing the conversion from views to installations, respectively. It should be noted that if the work on ASO is poorly executed or not performed at all, then it is necessary to apply all three strategies simultaneously. If the application has been optimized earlier, then, first of all, you should check the positions of the main keywords as well as conversion from page views of the application to the installation. You can start work on solving the problem on the basis of the data obtained.Ios App Store Publish
  • Compilation of the semantic kernel (SK). It is extremely important to compile a qualitative library of search words: the use of words that most accurately describe the application will positively affect the efficiency of optimization. You can use Wordstat for mobile search, Google Keyword Planner, tooltips for Google Play and the App Store search, as well as QA obtained from competitors’ analysis, and ordinary logic to collect SD.App Store Optimization Services
  • Compilation of the title. It is recommended to use the most popular words from the semantic kernel for the title. Despite the fact that the App Store has 255 characters for the «Name» field, it’s better to limit it to 5-7 words. It’s also important to remember that App Store, the name is truncated from 14 to 29 characters, depending on the viewer and the location in which the application is displayed. Therefore, it is better to use phrases in this interval that will provide complete information about what problems the product solves.
  • Keywords Use. Keys are entered in the hidden field «Keywords» in the App Store, but there is a limit of 100 characters, so you should choose the most popular and exclude those used in the title. To save space, words are separated by commas, and spaces between words are not put. In Google Play, the «keywords» field is missing, so the keywords should be used directly in the description (as with SEO).

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  • Description Development. It is recommended to place the simplest and structured text, the first block of which is different in capacity and content briefly describes the purpose and benefits of the application. Also, you should check whether this block is fully displayed when the description is minimized. Optimizing apps is based on SEO recommendations, as well as spam and copyright policies.
  • Drawing screenshots. It is important to create quality screenshots, as this is one of the tools to provide conversion from views to installations. The most relevant option is imaged with a bright background, a photo of a smartphone with a screen of a specific function inserted on the display, as well as short phrases calling for action or advertising the product. Best of all, when there are phrases in the text messages that the application is looking for, you give the user to understand that they know about his problem and are ready to solve it. Such a tactic will help to significantly increase the conversion from the transition to the installation. Also, avoid a lot of text and fonts with poor readability.App Store Optimization Audit
  • Drawing the icon. This visual not only performs a decorative function but is also part of the toolkit for converting views in the download, attracting users to open the application page in the market. This means that the icon should be informative, stylish and bright.
  • Icons and screenshots test. It’s not enough just to prepare colorful screenshots and an icon to recognize these elements as effective and most conversion ones. For best results, A / B testing is required. In order to get data with minimal error, the icon and screenshots should be tested separately.

App Store optimization company: a flexible approach

We work on a methodology that is convenient for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile. We are not afraid of changes on the go and are ready to provide timely communication and information about the stages of the project.

App store optimization techniques

If desired, we provide access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker. Each client receives a personal, competent project manager who is able to answer most questions. If necessary, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is possible.

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