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What is Social Media Promotion?

SMM (promotion or advertising in social networks) — a series of processes aimed at receiving traffic or attracting interest to brands, as well as services and products of the company through the display of advertisements in the services of social networking platforms. SMM occurs by displaying your ad as an image (or video) with text description on Instagram and Facebook.

Social Networks Website Promotion

Social media marketing services offered will help to solve the following tasks:

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Tell the target audience about your services and products;
  • Invite the target audience to any event;
  • Share your app and get more installations;
  • Get views of your video;
  • Get targeted traffic to the website;
  • Advertise your public, page or account in social networks
  • Lead generation — application, calls, registration or orders;
  • Display advertising of your business to people who are close to your establishment, warehouse or office.

In other words, you can solve almost any problem, except website promotion in search engines.

Smm Promotion Services

Why should you run your business in social networks?

  • the highest concentration of your target audience;
  • the deepest possibilities for tracking and targeting your target audience;
  • the smallest share of costs per attracted user among all other types of online and offline advertising;
  • the possibility of in-depth market analysis, the behavior of the target audience, the generation of repeat sales and the loyal audience formation.

These are just a few compelling reasons why you have to use social media marketing services for your business.

Smm Service On Facebook, Google+

Benefits of social media marketing services

SMM promotion is ideal for advertising a new brand or new product / service for which there is still no demand in the search engines, and there is no possibility to set up contextual advertising, due to the lack of searches for the necessary keywords.

If there is a demand in your search engine for your product or service, then SEO and social media marketing services should be used as an additional method of attracting the target audience in Google Adwords.

With the help of social media marketing for minimal money, you can tell the maximum number of target audience about your product, brand or event. You can advertise in social networks anything, except for prohibited topics that are contrary to the rules of the Facebook company.

Social Media Marketing Services

KATASIS has experience in social media marketing professional serviceson such topics:

  1. Health and Beauty Industry
  2. Sports theme
  3. SMM advertising of food, drinks
  4. Promotion of institutions
  5. SMM themed events
  6. Personal promotion on social networks, etc.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

The impact of social networks website promotion

SMM service on Facebook, Google+ and social factors are directly related. The more activity is on social pages, Twitter, the better is for the website. All these indicators are taken into account to rank the pages in search results.


This service is a microblog where you can post messages consisting of a limited number of symbols. Data from twitter is taken into account when sorting websites in the Google search engine.

The more tweets with a link to your website page, the better. It also takes into account the number of signed accounts — the more subscribers, the greater is the «weight» of the tweet. This tweet leads to the website home page, and also contains one key in the tweet, after Google has indexed the tweet, the weight of this request will be added to the SEO request.

Social media marketing services website

You also need to create your Twitter account and post releases of new articles, products or any new information on your resource. To check whether a tweet is indexed or not, you must enter the tweet URL in the Google search.

KATASIS specialists have all the tools to successfully promote your business on Twitter. social network

Facebook, like Twitter, is considered by Google when promoting the website. Google takes into account the number of likes on the domain, i.e. In a situation when an entry with a website link gets a like, it means the more the post gets likes and reposts, the more links to our article will be and, accordingly, more weight transferred. Of course, such links are taken into account by search engines as well as from ordinary websites. Therefore, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to this when promoting your project.

It is good when your click on the like will be to thematic and popular pages. For example, popular individuals, bloggers, or companies, in this case we will get more natural traffic to the website from the social network to transfer weight. We guarantee fast SMM promotion services of your project on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Companies

There are several ways to promote a page on a social network:

  1. Organization of competitions. The essence is as follows — we announce the competition in public. After all the conditions have been fulfilled, a person takes part in a random draw of a prize, such as a flash drive or a computer mouse. In this simple way, you can attract a good audience to the group and “sharing” thepost, and with it the necessary link, to a global scale.
  2. Publish interesting and thematic content. It’s simple. We are looking for interesting and relevant material on the network, all serious and useful posts, you need to dilute it with funny pictures, anecdotes to the topic. It is necessary to do it because a person is rarely in a social network in order to “strain” and read something useful and abstruse, but in most cases the visitor wants to relax and laugh.
  3. Blogging. In this case, just the material from the network does not fit, you must publish interesting and thematic articles according to your target audience. Publications can be in the form of links to articles from your website.

Social media marketing smm services

Google Plus

The Google Plus social network particularly affects the organic results. Each put «plus» on your page is taken into account by algorithms and «helps» when sorting websites in the search. Of course, it is tested and works, but do not boldly manipulate it, as Google tracks unnatural clicks and pluses. In the case when Google understands this, then your website will be omitted in the issue and fall under the filter.

The following affects the promotion: plus from users with a large number of subscribers; the amount of likes +1. Therefore, if you do not have a Google Plus page for your company, you need to quickly create one and publish links to new articles, products, and services on the page. We know how to properly work with this social network to achieve your goals.

Social Media Marketing Company

Stages of promotion with social media marketing company KATASIS

  1. Market analysis and identification of the audience needs. Before starting any SMM campaign, it is necessary to form a portrait of the target audience, which will help to determine the areas, the specificity of the content and the presentation. To do this, you need to evaluate your competitors, develop your own unique selling proposal and, of course, evaluate the achievements of western colleagues.
  2. SMM-strategy compilation. At this stage, the textual liner, visual content and schedule are developed. As a result, we get a ready-made media plan for 3 months, which allows us to predict the results and increase the representation on the Internet.
  3. Targeted advertising setting. If you need fast results, then high-quality content needs additional inspiration — targeted advertising. Let only really interested in your services see your ads and posts.Social Media Marketing Services For Small Businesses
  4. Social networks website promotion. For each project we allocate a specialist who develops a strategy and implements it in your accounts. In addition to posting, we interact with opinion leaders, moderate the community / group and provide reports at the end of the month.
  5. Training / consulting or account management. If suddenly you want to understand SMM yourself or you are planning to improve the qualification of a full-time manager, you can use the training service and increase the popularity of your accounts in just 6-8 classes.

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