Paid advertisement strategy

How will the paid advertising strategy help in promoting your project?

A paid strategy should take into account that you are already distributing organically. Without this, all your efforts will become inconsistent or even completely separated from each other. If you plan to allocate more money for advertising in social networks, first of all, think about the goal of organic and paid.

Organic content works well for raising awareness, as well as for after-sales customer retention. On the other hand, advertising in social networks can play a large role in the process of evaluation and purchase of goods.

Imagine that a company decides to launch an advertising campaign for a new line of shoes that goes on sale. To increase awareness and recognition on social platforms, performers start with a stream of organic content. Before embarking on aggressive marketing, they demonstrate new models of shoes in the photo and video, come up with a new hashtag and hold a competition to win a free pair of shoes. This strategy increases organic awareness and engagement on social channels.

After organic content is being used to attract interested consumers, performers begin to supplement this content with advertisements on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These paid ads help to reach a larger target audience.

Instagram Advertising Strategy

Digital channels for ecommerce store that uses KATASIS

The most popular digital channels to attract users:

  • paid advertisments in search engines — Search Engine Marketing (SEM or contextual advertising);
  • free search traffic — Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • price aggregators and marketplaces;
  • sales through mailing lists — email marketing (emailing);
  • coverage of the store in online publications, PR and writing guest articles (content marketing);
  • social networks — Social Media Marketing (SMM);
  • different types of content marketing (advertising with bloggers, on Youtube, special projects, etc.).

Facebook Advertising Strategy

What does the advertising integration service give in the search?

At the start of the store, your main task is to receive the first orders at the lowest price; we have considered the ways of its solution earlier. Sooner or later, the store comes to a moment when:

  1. a positive result from the use of contextual advertising has already been received;
  2. there were additional budgets for advertising;
  3. the low-frequency traffic potential in the niche has been completely exhausted, it is impossible to buy more traffic according to the scheme described earlier.

In this case, it is worth considering where to develop further and additionally try new approaches in advertising.

The first thing to start with is to expand your search advertising in the direction of using more frequent queries. They can bring you radically more traffic, however, you need to remember that these queries have a lower conversion and will not work as efficiently as those used at the start.

Twitter Advertising Strategy

For an electronics store, a similar development step will be to add advertisements for requests like: “product type + description” (gaming laptop), “product type + characteristic” (intel core i5 laptop) and any other filters that exist on your website, for example “Product type + color” (red laptop).

Only after the advertising company on all such filters and features is configured and optimized in the proper measure, you can proceed to more general requests for types of products, such as «buy a laptop» or «price of a laptop.» For such requests, people usually come who have not yet decided what they want, are in the process of selecting models, so they have a very low conversion. However, such requests are still worth using in advertising campaigns, as they bring a lot of traffic, which can be converted into sales later. People who use such requests will eventually determine the model and then they will still order the goods.

All the types of requests considered can be very close at the cost of a click, but they can also be completely different. Therefore, in order for your ad to work profitably, you need to carefully analyze the conversions and bids at the keyword level, adjust advertising costs.

Paid Advertising Strategy

Where to advertise?

Where should you advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or some other place? Currently, 86% of Western marketers advertise on Facebook and only 18% use Twitter for this purpose. However, this does not mean that you should give preference to any one social platform just because other marketers do it. You should find out on which social platforms your target audience interacts best with content like yours. For example, if you are targeting baby boomers interested in finding financial advisers, you probably don’t want to include Snapchat in your paid advertising strategy services, since most of social network users ar people aged 18 to 34 years.

However, it is not enough to choose a platform. You should also consider where to place your ads on each platform. Here is a short list of available options from KATASIS:

Facebook advertising strategy

  • News feed for desktops
  • News feed in a mobile application
  • Ads in the right column (for desktop computers only)
  • Immediate articles
  • Video inserts

Paid Advertising Strategy Services

Twitter advertising strategy

  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted trends (for hashtags)
  • Promoted brands

Snapchat advertising strategy

  • Snap ads (mobile video advertising)
  • Sponsorship Geofilters
  • Sponsor lenses

Instagram advertising strategy

Instagram advertising is always displayed directly in user feeds, but you can choose between photos, videos and carousel.

Paid Advertising Strategy Benefits

Pinterest advertising strategy

Ads on Pinterest are always displayed as promoted pins in the user’s feed, but these pins have different functions (for example, one-tap pins, video pins and application pins).

As these social networking platforms compete for more users — and more advertising revenue — they will most likely introduce even more innovative ad options and more.

If you are just starting your paid advertising strategy services, you will learn a lot along the way. The main thing, do not forget to be guided by key performance indicators (KPI) when making your strategic decisions.

Facebook Paid Advertising Strategy Company

Paid advertisement strategy from KATASIS

Implementing content marketing strategy is a serious matter. It requires special attention, considerable effort and cost. It is not enough just to venture upon a new step. It is important to fully surrender to this process (or to give it into the hands of experienced people). Only in this case, it will lead to the desired results. Going through the cycle “Goals -> channels -> testing -> analysis -> adjustments”, our marketers will find the strategy you need, which will result in numerous sales and success of the business as a whole.

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