Communication strategy

Brand communication strategy

Every day, your brand communicates with hundreds and even thousands of customers. How to make this communication profitable? The answer is to develop an effective communication strategy. It is based on the brand’s positioning and its main goal is to properly convey the brand’s essence to the target audience. A communication strategy is an effective way to control consumer’s behavior.

In marketing, a communication strategy is a strategy of forming a positive image of the communication’s object, creating demand and promoting sales. Communication strategy is a complex impact of the company on the external environment in order to create favorable conditions for a stable and profitable activity in the market.

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The main goal of a communication strategy is to ensure a stable and effective activity of creating demand and promoting products and services in the market in order to meet the customer’ needs and make a profit.

The main task of a communication strategy is to provide information support for the development strategy, brand and business of the company.

Communication Strategy

Tasks of a communication strategy

  • conventional (to ensure the consent of the target audience with the commercial benefit proposals, sales implementation and positioning);
  • deconflicting (to eliminate disagreements between the brand, product and target audience);
  • manipulative (to take over the semantic space in order to promote your communication strategy and vision of reality).

Directions of a communication strategy

A communication strategy involves the description of the company’s actions in the promotion mix according to the following vectors:

  • marketing communications— communication with the marketing channel subjects;
  • public relations — communication with all representatives of the communication environment;
  • advertising campaign services— communication with the target audience;
  • direct marketing — interpersonal communication with subjects of the communication environment.

Communication Strategy Services

Goals of a communication strategy

Identifying the goals and objectives of a communication strategy is a crucial step. With the wrong goals, all your efforts can be for nothing. It is important to remember that when you change a business strategy you should revise the concept of external communications.

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Typical objectives of a communication strategy:

  • to make the brand more recognizable;
  • to increase the audience’s awareness (about the activities, products, services of the company, etc.);
  • to inform specific consumer groups;
  • to eliminate negativity;
  • to increase the number of incoming requests via communication channels;
  • to strengthen relationships with partners;
  • to make image corrections, etc.

Communication Strategy Development

Component of a digital strategy

There are three communication strategy components:

  • market strategy;
  • creative strategy;
  • media strategy.

Market strategy

It is the core of any communication, which is based on a thorough market analysis (information about the product, potential consumers and competitors). This information is fundamental for the concept development of positioning, differentiation and communication of the brand.

Creative strategy

It is а strategic formation of the brand’s image, based on the target audience’s perception of the brand, as well as the development of the brand’s elements. A creative strategy contains the key creative idea that will be attractive to the target audience, which will become the basis for communication of the consumer with the brand.

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Media strategy

It is the choice of advertisement platform through which the brand will implement the communication with the target audience. A media strategy is a strategy for using media and communication budget. The choice of advertisements is carried out for each media (channels, broadcasting stations, newspapers, etc.). Their roles are determined in the overall communication strategy.

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Stages of the communication strategy development

At the core of a communication strategy is always the positioning concept, which the company must convey to the target audience. As a rule, strategy development is based on three components. These are a marketing base (a study of the project situation, market, competitors, customers, etc.), a creative concept (a hypothesis of how to convey the image to consumers most effectively and vividly) and media planning (the development of a roadmap and short-term communication plan). A communication strategy always includes the concept of creating external and internal communications, since the former always complement and strengthen the latter, and vice versa.

Communication Strategy Company

Order communication strategy: development from KATASIS

It is recommended to entrust the communication concept development to a team of professionals who have successful experience in generating strategies for companies’ growth.

  • Firstly, their professional approach, necessary tools’ availability and experience will provide an opportunity to get a reliable product that is fully ready for use (with a clear plan, KPI, description of the resources and means).
  • Secondly, a contract with an independent agency or consulting firm will limit the list of people who have access to the company’s sensitive information.
  • Thirdly, their brand and reputation will guarantee corporate information security and quality of work.
  • Finally, an independent look will help to resolve the problem of the competent staff deficiency, as well as to avoid conflicts of interest and internal disagreements in the company. This will also form the company’s image from the outside.

If you are interested in developing strategies or communications for companies, bringing products or services to the market, repositioning or implementing private PR tasks, contact KATASIS.

Digital Strategy

What do we offer?

At the analysis stage, we research the main components of the company’s current position in the communication space, as well as the possibilities and prospects for future positioning:

  • Research of the company’s current image.
  • Retrospective monitoring.
  • Content analysis.
  • Desk research.
  • Expert interview.
  • Focus group surveys.
  • A SWOT analysis of the current image, etc.

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We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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