Corporate brand building

Сompany brand development in KATASIS is:

The company brand development (or corporate branding) is the process of creating a positive image of the company in the consumers’ mind. Modern business is impossible without such engines as the creation and promotion of corporate branding. It is necessary proper supply of not only the product or services but also the company itself. Branding creates a solid platform on which you can successfully develop new products or services for many years. Brand image plays an important role for the consumer, as he trusts the company only with a good reputation.

company brand development

The corporate brand development service encourages:

  • brand promotion on the market;
  • positive company image formation;
  • increase its commercial and social importance;
  • creation of new brands (it is much easier for well-known companies to enter the market with new products);
  • corporate values increase in the eyes of its employees.

To create a company brand is a key task for the company before it enters the market. Therefore, it is especially important to entrust branding to professionals. You can order corporate branding at KATASIS. Choosing us, you choose a guarantee of success.

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company brand development

Company brand development cost depends on such factors:

  1. The number of elements included in the corporate identity (website, promotional items, documentation, exterior, interior). The more of them, the higher the price of developing the company’s brand is.
  2. The scale of the market in which the company operates. If the brand operates in the national or international markets, the cost of creating a company brand will be higher.

corporate branding

Stages of the corporate brand building process:

  1. An internal audit of the company. Starting for the corporate brand development service, KATASIS marketers study in detail the activities of the company, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. We will study the competitiveness of the company, its perception of the target audience, etc.
  2. Analysis of the market, consumers, and competitors. At the next stage, we will analyze the business situation on the market, study and evaluate competitors, as well as examine the target audience and draw up a portrait of the consumer.
  3. Unique selling proposal development. Having collected all the necessary data, we will highlight the main advantages and distinctive features of the company. Based on the information received, we will form a unique selling proposition (USP) corresponding to the goals of the company.
  4. Presentation of the logo concepts and their environment. Designers together with marketers will present 3 concepts of the logo and its environment (background image, added element, texture, corporate font).

company branding

  1. Visualization on the main media. We will present how the finished items will look on the main carriers (building facade, interior, business documentation, POS materials, transport, clothes, etc.).
  2. Target audience questioning and the choice of the final version. We will test the logo on focus groups formed from the target audience. After that, the customer will choose the option he likes. If necessary, we will finalize it with all the comments and suggestions.
  3. Brand promotion strategy development. After completing all the previous stages, we will proceed to the promotion of the brand. KATASIS marketers will start planning the company’s advertising campaign and develop a brand promotion strategy for 1 year.

branding services

Company brand development rules

  1. Brand identity is its representation in the mind of the consumer. It is influenced by the expectations of the brand. For example, at the thought of a Rolls Royce, people represent an expensive and elegant car. Therefore, even despite the demand, the company simply cannot produce low-cost cars. To change the image of a brand is difficult, and often impossible so that before you decide to order a company branding, it is better to understand in advance what you reckon on.
  2. Brand positioning means how a company is presented on the market. Positioning defines the main segments of the target audience for which the company’s products or services are intended.
  3. Brand identity is the same as a person’s personality. It represents certain emotions or personal traits that we associate with a particular brand. For example, we associate Pepsi with youth and Raffaello with romance. Each element of the company, including colors and corporate font, adds a bit of individuality to it.

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 create branding

  1. Brand value can include both the value of a company on the market and various aspects, such as its strategic advantages. For example, people perceive Apple as a company that produces leading and high-quality products. Therefore, the brand value is formed not only by the corporate income but also by the overall picture of the situation.
  2. Brand communication is his dialogue with the client through advertising, customer service, documentation, product appearance, etc. If a brand plans to grow, it should clearly inform consumers about its main advantages.
  3. The brand break is the difference between what it promises and what the consumer gets in the end. This difference should not be too big. A successful brand must be able to fulfill the promise. Even the best quality branding services will not correct low-quality goods or services.
  4. Branding extension is the discovery of new areas for company development. For example, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to create a brand for Google, it seemed to them to be an ordinary Internet search engine. Now Google includes a large number of different services like email, social network, mobile operating system or the creation of driverless cars.

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What do you get by ordering company brand development in KATASIS?

  1. KATASIS marketers will conduct a detailed analysis of the company, as well as study its competitors and target audience. This will allow you to know the current situation on the market and understand the prospects for the company development.
  2. We guarantee the uniqueness of all elements of the developed brand. This is especially important since a unique combination of brand elements will distinguish you from competitors and allow you to attract a potential consumer.
  3. We will provide effective communication of the company with its target audience. It will allow you to successfully convey to the consumer information about all the benefits of the brand.
  4. Throughout the entire stage of introducing the brand to the market, we will support it and give necessary advice.

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