Digital strategy development

Definitions of the digital strategy:

  • plan to achieve the company’s goals using digital tools;
  • digital marketing strategy development process of identifying, formulating and implementing digital opportunities that will give your organization a competitive advantage;
  • digital strategy is «an answer to a simple question: how can a business benefit from using information and technology?»

Development of digital strategy

Strategy in digital

Achieve efficiency and goals of an advertising campaign in the digital world is possible only with a well-designed strategy. It often becomes the foundation of the entire marketing campaign, because the Internet is not just another media channel, but a special environment that lives by its own laws.

Developing a digital strategy, we:

  • analyze the marketing environment, the activity of the brand and its competitors on the Internet;
  • identify the most effective channels, tools and ways to promote the brand on the Web;
  • form the creative idea of the campaign;
  • offer a media plan and an SMM plan;
  • predict the result of communication and achieve it during the campaign;
  • carry out a thorough analysis of the results of the campaign.

Digital marketing

Developing digital strategies, we rely not only on the data of the largest research companies TNS Global, Synovate Comcon, Nielsen but also on the own research.

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We carefully monitor each stage of the creation and implementation of the digital strategy. Ongoing analytics and optimization of conversions at all stages of the chain allow achieving high KPIs. Our strategic decisions are carefully thought out; every detail is subject to the single goal of the marketing campaign. We work with the latest marketing methodologies and advanced technological solutions and can implement projects of different levels of complexity.

digital marketing strategy development

The benefits of the «digital» strategy will be:

  • increase return on investment, especially when integrating with the overall corporate strategy;
  • increase sales and customer loyalty while reducing costs by obtaining and analyzing new insights;
  • improving customer experience and increase the value of the product/service through «digital» capabilities;
  • creating new easy-to-use sales channels with simultaneous efficient and inexpensive services (in connection with this point, it may be interesting to read about planning an internet marketing strategy);
  • increase flexibility in decision-making.

Professional digital strategy

Digital marketing strategy development

All organizations are faced with the need to create a competent strategy for the development and promotion of their business on the Internet in the conditions of the continuous development of information technology.

In this regard, the development of digital-strategy is a vital necessity. But a clear understanding of what is a digital-strategy — not present at all. After all, this is incommensurably greater than the availability of the site and the mobile application.

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Digital-strategy implies the conduct of additional research (analysis of competitors, the target audience, sources of business growth). It is necessary to consider the problems of business and the behavior of the target audience associated with a particular brand/product category in order to find information about consumers on which to build a campaign.

Digital Strategy Development Process

Many large companies create services that allow the user to gain new experience of interaction with the company/product, social networks publish fresh and interesting content and conduct activities and events on a clear plan, with inclusions of reaction to important events in the company’s work area. It is also necessary to use all available analysis services, such as Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrics, Web-Visor, as well as services that analyze the quality of email dispatches and the percentage of their discovery. Thus, the Digital strategy is the development of a productive plan, in which the campaign will be built in the future.

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However, often, there are cases when the company wants «huge sales» on the Internet, but when it comes to business, it turns out that the company does not have enough capacities or personnel. Therefore, before starting its activities on the network, the company needs to make sure that it can afford it.

Development of digital strategy

It is necessary to indicate the figures in the properly constructed digital strategy, showing the number of goods that should be sold, which announcement should lead potential buyers.

Thus, you can clearly understand with a competent digital-strategy, how an Internet marketer works, what sales or attracting visitors he performs. At the same time, you can clearly understand the need for investment in the project, thanks to an understanding of the purpose for which a certain amount of money is spent. So, we have already talked a lot about the fact that the right digital strategy can lead to the desired results. But what is needed to make this correct strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

A competent strategy consists of the following stages:

  1. Identification of the target audience for the supplied goods or services. At this stage, the age, gender, interests of the audience, as well as the devices from which the user views the pages are determined.
  2. The objectives of the project. It can be the formation of the image of the organization, simplification or a greater detail of the choice of services or goods, increased conversion or sales. Often, all these components form the main global goal of the project.
  3. Ways to achieve goals. We determine what methods we will achieve our goals. Some organizations will have a good landing page, while others need a full-fledged online store or corporate website.
  4. Retrieving useful experience and avoiding mistakes. Thanks to deep analysis and structuring of information about competitors, as well as world leaders in the work of the organization, it is possible to adopt successful moves and receptions, as well as to avoid mistakes that were made by competitors.

professional digital strategy

  1. Determine the position of the organization. The position should be clearly stated in relation to other companies operating in the same field of activity.
  2. Develop a competent design and style for materials that will be used during the work of the organization. Increases the level of recognition of the product and the company as a whole.
  3. Prototyping in the development process. Thanks to the creation of several mockups and prototypes, the choice of the most optimal option for the customer is simplified. In this case, it takes a little longer in the initial stage of the project development, but much less time in the process of working on the project.
  4. Testing and forecasting. You can take use completed project to test a little number from the targeted audience, and based on this, predict the volume of sales of services or goods when working with the all target audience. Of course, it is necessary to take into account to constantly change market conditions, and be ready for these changes and adapt to them.

Digital strategy

Development of digital strategy: a flexible approach

We work on a methodology that is convenient for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile. We are not afraid of changes on the go and are ready to provide timely communication and information about the stages of the project. If desired, we provide access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker. Each client receives a personal, competent project manager who is able to answer most questions. If necessary, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is possible.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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