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What is Google Play Publish?

You created a mobile application, successfully added it to stores — what to do next? How can you compete for users among 2,386,125 apps on Google Play (based on AppBrain)? Is there something like SEO in the world of mobile applications? Yes, this set of methods is called App Store Optimization (ASO) and KATASIS can help you with that! Contact our marketing expert let’s bring your app to the TOP!

Google Play Publish

What do ASO and SEO have in common?

SEO-optimizers strive to improve the site so that it better ranked and brings more profit to the owner. The purpose of ASO in Google Play is to increase the position of the application in the ranking by key queries, as well as the growth of organic installations after viewing the application page.

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Google Play App publish: how many settings will you get as a result?

The share of organic installations depends on the subject of the application and the work on other traffic channels. More or less accurate values of the increase in conversion can be shown only by testing. If averaged, the percentage ratio of organic installations and paid ones is 70/30.

It is not an easy task to forecast the growth of installations after basic work on ASO. The positions in the ranking can be improve by phrases, tags, descriptions, or with the graphic elements (they directly affect the conversion to the installation).

Additional traffic and installations can be obtained by hitting the featuring at the main page of the store or in the category catalogs. The result is much more noticeable if the application is featured on the main page of the Google Play store.

Google Play App Publish

Why do you need to take care of organic installs?

The advantage of organic installations is the greater loyalty of users. Those who installed the application from the search are more interested in its regular use.

Google play optimization: how do users search for apps in Google Play store?

In most cases, it goes by the specific name or the main keywords (phrases) that describe the function of the application.

When typing from a mobile keyboard, mistakes are often made. Search algorithms take into account most of them, but not all — and this should be taken into account. Also is important to promote the application in the category Featured on mobile App Review Sites.

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The process of optimizing the application (ASO) can be conditionally divided into several stages:

  • Fixing the main KPI before the works on the App Store Optimization.
  • Audit of the application + study of the main competitors.
  • Basic application optimization.
  • Conducting A/B tests with different elements.

On-page: what can be optimized?

It is necessary to optimize text elements to improve the positions of the application — add relevant queries to the title, description, «keywords» block with 100 symbols for key queries. These elements are one of the main factors of ranking in the issuance of a story.

Play Store App Publish

Application Name

Google Play recommends that you limit the name of the application to the specific number of characters, taking into account the visible part on the catalog page.

Google stores uses the name as one of the main ranking factors, so the top priority keywords should be relevant to the beginning of the app name.

Short description

A block of text that is displayed before «Read more». The maximum volume is 80 characters. It’s worth briefly describing the essence of the application, not forgetting about the key queries.

Google Play Store Publishing

Full description

Full description is included in a number of ranking factors on Google Play. The total limit is 4000 characters.

The optimal frequency of keywords is no more than 4-5 for 4000 characters. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise because of the spam, the application may not be displayed in the search on demand.


Optimizing the block with screenshots is most effective for increasing the conversion rate in installations. In the screenshot, the user sees an application screen with a device border and a text annotation — a brief description of the feature on the screen (you can use pre-selected queries).

Google Play. The maximum number of screenshots is 8.

Google Play App Optimization

It is important to use all the valid number of screenshots, and also create your own set for each size of the device.

Promo clip

The length of the video should be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. There is an opportunity to upload a video for each of the languages supported in Google Play. The main rule is: the most important information is placed in first 5 seconds of the video! Until the end, the video is viewed only by a small percentage of users. You can choose any suitable image for promo video in Google Play.


If your application is multi-regional, for promotion in different countries it is necessary to localize the elements on the application page: introduce qualitatively translated titles, descriptions, field with keywords, create sets of screenshots for each language.

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Google Play optimization: how to choose the queries?

The classical methods of selecting semantics are only partially applicable — the frequency and composition of phrases for which information is searched on the web does not always correspond to mobile searches.

We recommend that you first compile a list of words and phrases that you associate with the application. And only then turn to various tools for analyzing and expanding the query pool.

Page optimization is finalized. What are the next steps?

After carrying out the basic app page optimization and measuring results, we test some separate fields. After each iteration of the A / B test, we determine the features which lead to improvement of conversion and visibility.

We also create landings for store app pages. At this stage it is crucial to organize external traffic (not from search on the side).

Google Play Store Optimization Services

ASO, like SEO, isn’t a one-time job.The most crucial thing is to test each change and how its implementation reflects on site usability, monitor competitors, know the main trends in mobile world. Prepare to swim for a long distance;)

Play market app optimization: conclusions

To increase organic traffic in app stores and improve the installation rate, we will:

  1. Identify and use key queries.
  2. Introduce queries into text elements (title, description, block of key queries).
  3. Optimize the graphic elements (icon, screenshots, video).
  4. Configure indexing of application content and navigation through deep links.
  5. Localize the application to countries that are important for promotion.
  6. Test and assess results all the time.

Play Market App Optimization

Google Play market publish companies: flexible approach

Our company chooses the approach that is the most comfortable for each of our customer: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

Changes in a project do not scare us, we are ready to deal with them at any given stage of the progress.

Upon request, Git version of controlling system can be used along with task tracker.

Google Play Market Publish Companies

Every customer is granted an access to a highly qualified and motivated project manager who can answer all the questions. Meeting with developers concerning the project is an available option.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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