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How important is page download speed?

The page download speed is one of the most important parameters of the website in search engines. No matter how thoughtful optimization of the website is, it will not occupy a place in the tops of search results without fast loading pages. This indicator is of great importance also for visitors. Users do not like to wait long to download or they may have a slow Internet.

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How fast should the website download speed be?

  • 1 second — great.
  • 2-3 seconds is very good.
  • 4-7 seconds is normal, but there is room to grow.
  • 8-10 seconds is bad.
  • 11 seconds or more is awful, start to sound the alarm, because huge money is leaking away

According to research, during which the download speed of 2000 top online stores was tested, the average is 10 seconds. You might ask: “Why should we increase website download speed, even if the top online stores are loaded for so long?” And here is the answer:

  • 57% of visitors leave the page, which is loaded for more than 3 seconds.
  • In those moments when the website slows down due to a large amount of traffic, more than 75% of online shoppers prefer to go to a competitor’s website.
  • 2 seconds — so much the patient-user will wait until information appears on the screen. Adding an element such as a “progress bar” can extend its wait time to 38 seconds.
  • 8% of people believe that the main reason for their leaving the website is the slow loading of pages.

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Increase Downloads Company

Increase downloads benefits

  • increases the time spent on the page
  • decrease bounce rate
  • decrease the percentage of exits
  • increase the number of page views
  • increase conversion (sales)
  • increase profits

Ways to increase downloads offered

We get rid of unnecessary graphics and optimize the existing one.

Increase downloads for website depend on the size of the pages. And this figure correlates with the size of pictures and graphics. And if designers and programmers take care of this at the stage of layout and design, administrators often do not pay attention to the size of the loaded graphics. This carelessness slows down the downloading. Therefore, all the images that you consider unnecessary or insignificant — you need to delete.

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Reduce server load by decreasing the requests number from the browser

On a project that is large and overloaded with additional elements, there is an urgent need for website optimization. It also depends on the number of requests it processes.

In order to carry out this work, it is necessary to reduce the number of resorts, without major software improvements. This can be done in the following ways:

  • use combined images, CSS sprites;
  • implement technology inline-pictures in the style sheet;
  • maximally merge into one different file CSS and JavaScript.

If you do not know how to perform these procedures yourself, it will be more profitable and faster to order to increase downloads services from specialists. KATASIS web studio conducts the whole range of such work, inexpensively and with guaranteed results.

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Caching setting

Increasing and optimizing the website download speed is impossible without using the technology of auto-caching part of CSS and JavaScript in the client browser. This will allow for repeated visits to reduce the number of documents transmitted by the server. Their part will already be stored on a computer in a special archive and downloaded from it.

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It is important to correctly set the Expires HTTP header on the page in order to be able to keep the entire page components in the cache. High-quality, professional tuning caching can bring a huge increase.

CSS and JavaScript optimization

For these files, the PageSpeed service has certain requirements, the fulfillment of which will bring positive results:

  • CSS files must be placed at the very beginning of the page;
  • All JavaScript code is sent to the very end of the download;
  • CSS and Java code should be as clean as possible from unnecessary information (spaces and comments);
  • small CSS can be added to the HTML code.

CDN connection to the website

When using popular JavaScript frameworks, it is possible to configure CDN. It is a system of multiple servers on the Internet, united in one network, but located in different locations. The essence of its work is that your files will be copied to all servers simultaneously. They will be given from that server which is geographically closer to it. This allows you to significantly reduce the response time and visually speed up the download at times.

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Stages of website optimization from KATASIS

  1. Free preliminary consultation: discuss the existing website, identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Website analysis: we check the existing website for errors and determine ways to optimize.
  3. Optimization of external resources: we optimize the work of external files that are included in the body of the document.
  4. Page optimization: clean and optimize the website pages.
  5. Check and validation: we test the optimized code for errors and download speed.

Increase Downloads Offered

Order professional increase downloads settings in KATASIS

Increasing website download speed is a very important step in configuration. How well and responsibly it will be executed, the stability of work and popularity depends on.

To increase downloads for the website, a variety of activities are carried out, a thorough analysis of the resource’s work, the identification of possible errors in its work, as well as factors hindering the website download speed. This is a search for errors in the functioning of the website — program code errors, access to a non-existent file, the presence of non-existent pages. There is a search for optimal ways to solve the problem, an individual plan of the necessary work is drawn up. According to the results of the work, the customer is informed about the work done, and if necessary, he is offered training in working with the website.

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KATASIS is an increase downloads company and has all the tools to ensure the fastest possible opening of your resource in clients’ browsers. The price of such work depends on the complexity of the project. But considering the fact that speed is a ranking factor, it’s better to trust professionals once and work steadily than to find out why the website does not bring the expected profit.

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