Increase retention

Why is it necessary to retain customers?

The profits increase is inextricably linked with the expansion of the customer base and the retention of existing customers. When developing an effective strategic marketing plan, it is necessary to distinguish and understand the nuances in the «retention» and «attraction» of clients. Marketing aimed at retaining customers makes a profit thanks to “saved” consumers, i.e., at the expense of customers who would otherwise decide not to purchase the company’s products. Among the main factors of profitability of such marketing are the following:

  • customer inconsistency;
  • customer value;
  • duration of aftereffect.

Increase Retention

Increase retention benefits

Sales to customers with whom you have already built a relationship may be more profitable and efficient than attracting new customers. To ensure customer loyalty, it is important to understand why they buy your goods. By recognizing your customers, you can anticipate their needs and offer attractive services and products. Use the data to build the right marketing campaigns and improve customer experience. This will have a beneficial effect on the growth of your business. Moreover, getting a unique customer experience, your customers will recommend you to their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Customer retention may be a longer and slower process, but it is the retention that responds to the stable business model. Key point: Increase retention for business is the path to continuous growth.

Important statistics:

  • Again and again, it is confirmed that 80% of the company’s profits generate only 20% of customers.
  • Increasing customer retention by only 5% can increase revenues by 25% -95%.
  • The probability of converting an existing client to a permanent one is 60-70%.
  • The probability of converting a new lead is only 5-20%.
  • 61% of customers go to competitors when they end a relationship with a company.

Increase Retention Companies

Qualitative increase retention services for SEO traffic growth by KATASIS

What can we do for this?

  1. Analyze traffic.
  2. Create a table and cluster this traffic by cells and determine which groups of requests fall on the page with a high failure rate.
  3. View directly through the pages and try to understand whether, for example, for some requests, you need to create separate categories to which this traffic is redirected, or somehow improve the pages themselves.

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What tools do we use to increase retention for the website?

The freemium model

The freemium model can help to convert users to customers if your business offers a 30-day test period, allowing users to test the quality of your product/service.

This is done not only to enable users to decide how useful your products or services are and whether or not to spend money on them. Often, using the trial free period, the user quickly becomes accustomed to new convenient features, wide functionality, the new level of comfort, etc., and after the trial period, it is often no longer able to abandon the amenities that have become familiar.

Increase Retention Company

Surveys will help to retain the client

The survey is an effective way to get feedback after the sale. According to research, a follow-up feedback mechanism often contributes to customer returns.

Surveys give customers the feeling that your business is actively communicating with them. At the same time, it is important to listen to sensible offers of clients, because you can show the user that his opinion is taken into account, and thus involve, win over, give him the impression that he is one of the “participants” of the business process. This will help increase customer loyalty and retain them on your website.

Games that clients play

Gamification helps to increase loyalty among long-term clients. Gamification of routine boring processes can make customer interaction with your offer more enjoyable. GrubHub, HSN, and Coca-Cola have offered game customers a bonus to interact with the company or a way to make familiar activities and processes more interesting.

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For example, the success of Nike + was provided by a mobile app and Facebook. Users set goals for themselves, received awards for achieving intermediate results, as well as congratulatory messages from world-famous athletes. Nike + membership increased by 40% in 2011 and helped to increase revenue by 30% in this product category.

Increase Retenion For Business

Writing a series of thematic articles

Such a popular way of website promotion is the publication of a series of thematic articles, i.e. articles on one topic, gives you the opportunity not only to get more audience (due to search indexing) but also to keep this audience on the resource pages for a long time.

The fact is that any of your visitors who liked a particular article of the website may need to find out more information on this topic. Therefore, when a similar series of articles is published, your visitor will be able to calmly find all the information he needs on your resource, so such a visitor will have no need to leave your resource.

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Links to related articles

Nowadays, displaying links to similar content of a resource can no longer be considered something special among webmasters, since this method is used on almost any resource. But despite this, this trick is still quite effective, since blocks of links leading to similar pages of the resource enable visitors to quickly and easily find the information they are interested in.


Comments are another interesting trick to increase customer retention. In fact, we can consider this method as a provocation of visitors to add their comments. Many people like to express their opinions. As a rule, the person who left a comment on the website returns to it in order to see the reaction to his comment from other people, as well as to support the discussion.

Increase Retention For Website

Stages of increase retention service by KATASIS

Our increase retention company is interested in maximizing the profitability of all your future investments in promoting your project on the Internet, therefore, we will increase the percentage of loyal customers who order from you on the Internet.

  1. Personal strategy. Your promotion goals, customers and the essence of your business will be fundamental in creating a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  2. Expert tactics. Your website will be handled by a whole team of specialists in various fields of Internet marketing, so comprehensive brainstorming sessions are provided for your project.
  3. Transparent calculations. You will be aware of all increase retention services cost in the context of all sources used with the assessment of their effectiveness from the detailed monthly reports.
  4. Qualitative results. The results of our cooperation will encourage you to expand marketing budgets since all investments will be as profitable as possible.

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