Influence advertising

Ways of advertising influence

Psychological influence of advertising

Our mind does not get rid of the many stereotypes regarding advertising and products, below are the most popular of them, which to this day perfectly play into those hands who are interested in selling us an advertised item.

Positive Influence Of Advertising

  • Deficiency. Probably everybody came across this way. In the mind, a click is immediately triggered, telling us that scarce goods are always valuable and good, that is why they are in short supply. Advertisers do not cost anything to slap a simple slogan in the form: “Only 100 copies of some product remain,” as we immediately involuntarily wish to become one of the owners of a particular item, the demand for which is so great.
  • Expensive means are good. The point is that it is better to buy something good once, rather than ten times a cheap, low-quality item. But the constant leadership of this conviction does not always give a positive result, but sometimes it is worth reconsidering your views and not being led to a large price tag, but try to just objectively assess the quality of the goods being purchased.

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  • Trust authority. A dentist in a white coat, who asserts about the excellent whitening qualities of toothpaste, and a slim model recommending yogurt for weight loss to everyone, undoubtedly inspire in us some kind of confidence on a subconscious level. But, it is necessary to remember that the doctor is only an actor, and the model, after she pleasantly puts a spoon with yogurt in his mouth, then spits it out into the bucket next to her.

positive influence of advertising

Advertising influence on society

  • Advertising forms new workspaces! This is due to the development, expansion, and growth of most manufacturing enterprises, thanks to the action of high-quality advertising.
  • Advertising helps people to make the best purchase decision, providing it with product information.
  • Advertising as a news broadcast! Producers of new unique goods and services through advertising quickly convey to the public about their innovations.
  • Advertising helps people to be happier! A person can get a feeling of greater pleasure and comfort from the daily use of ordinary goods if they are in constant advertising rotation.
  • Advertising contains mass media. More than half of the income of newspapers, magazines, television channels and radio stations is an advertising article. The bigger and more expensive advertising, the more high-quality news, programs, articles, and best-sellers are conveyed to the media.Ordering Influence Advertising
  • Advertising attracts young professionals to work. This niche is interesting and fashionable for the younger generation, while the existing advertising agencies employ more than 2 million specialists.
  • Advertising improves the quality of your life. By its means, a more competitive environment is created, as a result of which manufacturers are forced to increase quality and reduce prices.
  • Advertising increases goods profitability. Companies that have a long-term stable advertising budget (much better than their competitors) are guaranteed to have higher profits and high demand for their goods and services.

ordering influence advertising

Advertising influence on the economy

One of the fundamental functions of advertising is economic. As we have noted, advertising, informing the public about new products and services or encouraging them to re-purchase their favorite products, thereby stimulates their sales and develops trade as a whole.

The principle of the billiard ball

The economic effect of advertising can be compared with the first beat ball in billiards. From the very moment when an organization launches an advertising campaign, a chain reaction of economic events occurs. Usually, the spread of such a reaction is measurable with great difficulty, but, as in billiards, it undoubtedly depends on the strength of the blow. And since it occurs simultaneously with many other events, even the direction of propagation of such a reaction often causes controversy.

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Influence on product and media

The first is the effect on the product itself. In any case, the initial result of advertising designed to stimulate demand for a product is the growth of its sales, or at least a more favorable market attitude.

Influence on the company

The second level of the chain reaction is the result in which the company itself is interested. The advertiser gets the opportunity to distribute stocks of his company due to the fact that investors are convinced of the availability of sales.

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Influence on competition conditions

Other manufacturing companies that exist in this market, faced with your advertising, are likely to feel threatened. Their reaction may turn up at price-cutting for their products, increasing their promotional activities or the lack of any action and simple observation over developments. In real life, as advertising activity develops, imitators inevitably appear. It pushes the advertiser company to pay special attention to the standardization of the quality of its products and the expansion of advertising aimed at building brand loyalty.

Influence on a consumer

As in the case of competitors, a consumer group, that ad is aimed at, is exposed to the positive influence of advertising. Consumer choice is expanding even more with the advent of competing imitators.

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Influence on business

Finally, advertising has an impact on the general business environment and the cycle of social production. The entrepreneurial activity development through advertising contributes to improving a system of local suppliers and the connection a lot of organizations to the enterprise, from construction to service stations and new personnel employment.

How To Make Advertising Work

What do you get by ordering influence advertising in KATASIS?

  1. Marketers of the company will conduct a detailed analysis of the target audience and competitors. Its results will allow you to know the current state of affairs in the market.
  2. We will give effective recommendations that will help you in further brand promoting in the market.
  3. By contacting us, you will receive a unique selling proposition developed by professionals. We will find and emphasize those features that will highlight your brand and increase the company’s profits.
  4. We will create a concept focused on your target audience.

KATASIS has gained considerable experience in developing ideas for an advertising campaign and concept, as well as in the development of design concepts and brand promotion and we know how to make advertising work. Save your time and effort by entrusting the development of an advertising concept to professionals.

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Developing an advertising concept is the first step towards the success of your brand. Make it with advertising production firm KATASIS! To order the advertising campaign and concept, contact us!

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