Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Ads

What is SMM promotion or advertising in social networks?

SMM promotion in social networks is the process of attracting traffic or attention to a project, brand or product using social networks. You can be an exemplary company, with noble goals, have a unique selling proposal, but if people don’t know about it, you practically don’t exist. SMM promotion is informational and viral posts, fast feedback with a loyal audience, increase in calls and sales. SMM promotion in social networks is necessary for any company, regardless of its age, scale, and orientation.

Instagram advertising strategy

Advertising in social networks allows you to:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Build a base of potential customers
  • Contact the target audience directly.
  • Increase the loyalty of your target audience to the brand
  • Receive feedback from existing customers
  • Increase sales growth from social networks

Facebook advertising strategy

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter advertising benefits

Each of these most popular social networks in the world should have its own approach, each of them has its own principles of social media marketing, its own secrets and many nuances for successful work with them. Let’s consider each social network separately.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

Social network features:

  • Content Unlike most other social networks, in Facebook business and entertainment content, is published in approximately equal shares. This social network is focused primarily on the business audience, business environment. Here they are not only engaged in the promotion of their own brand but also sell their goods, services and even make deals.
  • Advertising and promotion. The website has two main options for advertising. The most popular and effective is advertising in the news. Advertisements are shown to users along with the content, which consists of the group pages and people on which the user is subscribed. The second option is to promote the product through advertising in the right column.
  • Audience. The main audience of Facebook is people from 30 to 45 years old. The most solvent audience is concentrated here. Its customer base is residents of large cities. To find potential buyers of expensive goods here is much easier than in other social networks. It is unlikely that you can find more accounts of movie stars and music stars, politicians and other famous people somewhere than here.

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Twitter advertising strategy

Advertising strategy in social networks by KATASIS:

  • Pay attention to the uniqueness of the content, it affects the page rank.
  • We post current news, we focus on thematic content, diluting the news feed with neutral posts.
  • We make interesting posts, decorate them beautifully and use colorful photos, videos.
  • We select the time for the publication of posts when the audience is as active as possible.
  • We put hashtags.
  • We communicate with the audience.

Instagram Advertising Strategy

Social network features:

  • Content. The main Instagram content is photos and videos. The text goes in addition to them, although it is often not written at all. More often people share something special and personal with friends, post photos and videos from everyday life.
  • Advertising and promotion. Now visualization works well on Facebook, but still, Instagram is ahead of the rest. Advertising, in which visual perception plays the main role, will work best on Instagram.
  • Audience. About 90% of Instagram users are people under 35 years old. Here it is most effective to promote businesses that are targeted at a young audience. The public here is less solvent, it is more focused on interaction than on purchase.

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Advertising in social networks

Promotion strategy from KATASIS:

  • Turn the page into a business page.
  • We remember that people in this social network are primarily interested in “live” pages of real people, and not those that are stuffed with advertising materials only, so we don’t fill the page with advertising posts only.
  • Photo and video content is the main one. We post only high-quality photos and videos, edit them before sending.
  • We make the content so that it stands out and does not look like the others.
  • We use stories and lives.
  • We promote our posts using paid advertising.
  • Do not forget about hashtags.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising strategy

Social network features:

  • Content. Twitter does not position itself as a social network, it is an online microblogging service. And this is the most popular website of its kind in the world. Here, it is the easiest way to follow the news in real time, the freshest and most urgent usually appears on Twitter, and then spreads across other platforms.
  • Advertising and promotion. There is a fairly low level of competition, so the cost per click is not particularly high. It is important to note that the degree of user involvement and the level of click-through rate are not inferior to Facebook.
  • Audience. Twitter plays a dominant role in the mobile space. A considerable part of it is occupied by a fairly solvent audience. In general, its users are people who are interested in everything that happens in the world and around them.

Facebook Advertising

Promotion strategy from KATASIS:

  • We fill in the profile as much as possible, enter in detailed information about the business and select a beautiful and high-quality avatar and cover.
  • Always use hashtags, this is useful for searching.
  • Constantly fill your profile, write capacious tweets.
  • We boost tweets and account for the money.
  • We recommend ordering the above services from specialists.

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Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Ads services from KATASIS

  1. Beginning of work. Identifying the target audience: gender, age, marital status, geography, interests.
  2. Competitor analysis. Defining advertising campaign goals. The choice of social networks for work.
  3. Creating and filling a business page. Creating a community: name, description, design.
  4. Filling the community with content. Creating interactive content: promotions, contests, voting.
  5. Attracting new members to the community. Targeted advertising: setting up a campaign, creating test ads, maintaining and moderating, reporting and statistics. Launching viral content.
  6. Work with community members. Informing community members about events in the company.
  7. Maintaining the interest of community members to the group: promotions, contests, voting.
  8. Moderation community.

Instagram Advertising

Advertising setup in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter from KATASIS

Effective turnkey advertising setup on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. We know the fastest and most effective way to get profit. Thanks to advertising, you can feel such Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Ads advertising benefits:

  • attract solvent target audience;
  • increase traffic to external (landings, websites, blogs) and internal resources;
  • receive leads, applications, order forms;
  • attract subscribers to the community and increase a loyal audience;
  • scale business;
  • solve communication problems.

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