ORM — online reputation management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management implies developing strategies to shape the public perception of organizations or individuals online. It helps to form a positive public image of the business, and a positive perception of its products and services.

ORM Online Reputation Management

With the help of ORM, a business can make the effects of a negative viral post or video less harmful for its reputation, design positive marketing strategies, or expand its influence zone on the Internet to improve its public image in online space.

The main purpose of ORM is to detect and neutralize negative content about your company online, search or generate positive mentions and optimize them to improve and strengthen their positions in search results.

If the reputation of your business is important for you, you can order the ORM service from KATASIS, which is among the top online reputation management companies.

ORM (online Reputation Management) Services

Why there is a need in monitoring social media?

For marketing purposes and research

What do customers like or do not like about your new advertising campaign? How do they compare you with competitors? How important is your share of discussions in the field? Which platform requires more funding? ORM can give you answers to all of these questions.

For online reputation management audits

Quickly track down negative posts in online media and social media; take part in thematic discussions.


For user support

Significantly reduce the call center workload. Promptly answer the customer’s questions. Instantly find the necessary publications about your company.

Online reputation management with KATASIS

Now it is quite difficult to form a reputation by yourself because it is a complex and laborious work. KATASIS has been doing this work for many years. Our specialists will help you enhance the public image of your company.

ORM Services

We provide the following services:

  • track all mentions of the company online;
  • each unsatisfied client will receive an official response on behalf of the company, such communication will allow to successfully solve the problem;
  • formation of PR materials that characterize the company only from a favorable position; elimination of negative materials.

Who needs the ORM services:

  • new projects (startups);
  • companies with very few mentions on the Internet;
  • companies with a lot of negative reviews, which were intentionally posted to damage their reputation;
  • companies that value their public image.

ORM Benefits

ORM directions

  • SERM (search engine reputation management) — a work package, the task of which is to force out the maximum possible number of unwanted websites from the top 30 search results.
  • SMRM (social media reputation management) — a work package, the task of which is to move positive websites to higher positions, promote positive content, shift negative information from the top search results, create positive websites about the company, create positive PR and reduce negative PR.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) — a set of optimization measures to raise the website’s position in the results of search engines for specific user requests. The higher the website’s position in the search results, the more visitors you can get.
  • Working with opinion leaders — interaction with loyal consumers who communicate on forums, blogs, news portals and social media, tell the audience about their experience in using the product or officially respond to the claims of disgruntled consumers.Online Reputation Management
  • Legal communication with websites and authors.
  • Dealing with negative search results — a set of measures aimed at neutralizing negative online mentions to improve the credibility of a person or a brand. One of the tasks of ORM is to quickly detect and prepare an official response to negative posts and comments on social media. Another goal is to lower the position of websites that damage the brand’s reputation using SEO.
  • Promoting positive search results — a set of measures to promote positive mentions in search results (comments and posts on websites and social networks) using SEO.

Online reputation management benefits:

  • Have a higher degree of control of your online reputation
  • Carry out a comprehensive analysis of your company.
  • Organize informative and PR activities
  • Optimize your site according to the requirements of search engines
  • Increase website traffic; attract customers
  • Create or modernize the company’s websites

Online Reputation Management Companies

Improving your reputation on the Internet

Work areas:

  • company website;
  • social media;
  • forums and blogs;
  • thematic websites and portals.

One of the criteria for the ORM quality is the comprehensiveness of coverage. It is the proportion of information about the company that has been discovered compared to the total amount of information about the company on the Internet. The main tool for finding information is search engines. They index a significant portion of content online. Note that search engines cover some content on social networks as well.

Online Reputation Management Audit

Stages of ORM with KATASIS

  1. Gathering of information (manual and automated monitoring);
  2. Information analysis (classification, a detailed description of the types of comments);
  3. Creating and implementing a plan of action.

Online reputation management advantages

Data sources

All popular social media networks, review websites, thousands of blogs and forums, including niche and regional ones, online media. There is always an opportunity to add any social media source.

Online Reputation Management Agencies

Convenient interface

Our clients like YouScan the most, considering its intuitive and efficient functions.

Informative reports

You do not have to understand the settings or the purpose of dozens of filters, because we have already prepared for you colorful and useful reports. You will have the opportunity to export and access the API that is in high demand.


Our customer success department is ready to help you 24/7 via any communication channel convenient for you. Our professionals will suggest the right approach to solving your problems.

Online Reputation Management Advantages

Analytical Services

We have implemented hundreds of analytical projects. Consultations with experts who have experience in working with companies in your industry will significantly improve the efficiency of the tools used.

Modern technologies

We use the most reliable and recent technologies. We guarantee the speed and uninterrupted operation of the system in any situation.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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