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PPC-management and contextual advertising setting

Do you need to promote your online business? PPC advertising is one of the powerful tools. Further, we will tell everything about this kind of promotion. PPC or pay per click is an advertisement. The fee is only for clicks with the transition to the website. Ads are placed in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, social networks. Such ads are good if you need to attract traffic only from interested customers. If there is a competent direct setting, PPC is shown only to those users who are interested in the product or service from the ad.

The price depends on many criteria. The most important are the quality of the landing page and the ad itself. If the QS rating (quality scores) is high enough, advertising often appears in search engine results and the cost per click is lower. The advertiser gets more traffic and pays less for it. We know how to customize Yandex direct and Adwords advertisement! Contact KATASIS! The advertiser pays the website a fee for the selected search query. Then the search engine or another website shows visitors exactly his ad.

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PPC advertising looks different, depending on the placement:

  • in search engines — as usual result of the issue. Headline plus link and 1-2 phrases about the proposed product;
  • in social networks — in a different format for applications, external websites, communities;
  • on partner websites — banner advertising.

You should contact us if:

  • advertising of your business brings losses
  • you need to market a new product/service.
  • advertising expenses do not justify profits.
  • you want to attract targeted traffic to the website
  • you need to increase brand awareness
  • you want to solve other business problems

contextual advertising setting

Types of PPC: what is Google contextual advertising and target?

Depending on the ad format, ads may be:

  1. Textual. Text with the hyperlink is used.
  2. Banner. Advertisement in the form of a banner: just a picture or image with text and a link.
  3. Videoadvertising. The special video contains the link.

Google contextual advertising and other search engines also differ by type:

  • Search engine. It is shown in the results of the search engines or on the website if the user’s request matches the keywords in the contextual ad.
  • Thematic. It appears in the right place, i.e. on thematic websites and depends on the interests of the target audience. It is shown as additional information to the browseable pages, the visitor does not need to enter additional requests.

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To display thematic advertising, certain technologies are applied. Among them:

  • Contextual targeting. It allows you to display advertisements that are most relevant to the content of the website pages.
  • Remarketing. It returns visitors to the website. If a user has already viewed a page, but has not performed any actions, it will display relevant ads from other websites. Users only see ads for products they are interested in on your website.

Contextual advertising allows you to solve several business problems:

  • constant growth of organic traffic;
  • advertised goods and services promotion in a given market segment;
  • increase in sales and profits;
  • quick notification for potential consumers about the launch of promotions and special offers;
  • formation of consumer loyalty to the brand.

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Internet promotion: contextual advertising strategies

In order to use contextual advertising wisely, you need to think out a good strategy. For example, products and services are advertised a little differently. We know what Google advertising setting is! KATASIS Agency uses all methods from proven to experimental, just choosing what your business needs.

If the ad sells a product, it is advisable to indicate the price, name and conditions of purchase. Keyword in the title increases the number of clicks by 25%. The price of a product will reduce clicks by 5%, but it will increase conversion by 12% (more visitors will buy an object of advertising).

You must follow the rule of 3 clicks:

  • the first click — when entering a request;
  • the second — when entering the website;
  • the third is the choice and purchase of goods.

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Therefore, the link from the ad leads to the advertised object and not to the main page of the resource. That is, for each product you need to make your contextual announcement. If a company sells a lot of positions, then special services are used to automatically generate advertising campaigns.

Businessmen who provide services cannot make “shop-window” advertising, as with goods, services are always individual. The following techniques are used:

  • verbal markers in the text;
  • competitive advantages;
  • detuning from competitors.

In the first case, the announcement is made so that the user immediately understands whether this offer is suitable for him. For example, there is a difference in finding cheap or VIP tours, SLR cameras or «soap cases».

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Detuning means that they write something different from the competitors in the ad. “Buy a laptop: all offers on one website. Low prices, delivery «. It is possible to write differently: «1,800 models — there is plenty to choose from!” A contextual advertising advantage is that they note what distinguishes the company in the announcement. “95% of our employees have higher education” instead of the usual “professional team”.

Online marketing: targeted advertising strategies

In targeted advertising, it is important to correctly determine who the ad is aimed at. There are many models for this. We describe some of them below.

Internet marketing agency KATASIS knows all the ways to target advertising in social networks. Contact us!

Behavioral patterns

For example, Facebook allows you to customize ads for various indicators. The specialist notes such categories of users that are of interest to the advertiser. For example, in the “Family Composition” category, the specialist may mention something in these subcategories: “Children in the house”, “Empty nest”, “Grandpas-grannies”, “Teenagers”, “Children are not at home”.

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The target for life events

Some companies specialize in certain events — wedding photographers, birthday cakes bakers. Some events are important for almost all businesses: for example, moving to a new home. For example, a specialist may be noted in the status of «Friends» — friends of the newlyweds, friends of the engaged or friends of the recently moved.

Individual audience

A brand can connect with website visitors through a social network and display ads, thereby increasing loyalty and the number of orders. Such audiences are created from the lists of visitors to the resource or its individual pages. You can even select an audience from users who have completed something in your game or application.

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Ordering PPC advertising advantages by KATASIS

Contextual advertising is great if you need to quickly attract potential customers to the website. This is universal and effective advertising with the right choice of keys. Along with accurate customer referrals, there is broad reach.

Targeted advertising is important if your business is mainly promoted in social networks. This product can be advertised even without a website by linking a paginal ref on the web with ads. Targeting has flexible settings for a very large list of criteria. In many ways, advertising in social networks implies an even narrower focus on users than contextual.

KATASIS is a professional digital marketing agency, so we will immediately show you which advertising is more effective for your business. Contact our experts!

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