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Promotion channels offered from KATASIS

Most web studios and Internet agencies use a meager set of marketing channels, often limited to search engine promotion (read, buy links) and contextual advertising on Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords. We at KATASIS use more than 200 promotion channels.

Search engine optimization

Activities aimed at improving the position of the website in search engines (Yandex, Google): filling the website with useful materials and improving website usability (to improve behavioral factors) and improving the technical characteristics of the website (to simplify the work of search robots).

promotion channels

Contextual advertising

Advertisements that appear immediately above the search results (as well as below and sometimes to the side) and on thematically close pages of sites that are search engine partners are in accordance with the keywords you have chosen (therefore, this advertisement is called contextual).

If search engine optimization is a long process, then the launch of an advertising campaign, for example, takes a few days. But you will have to pay for each transition to your website, so it is important to cut off irrelevant users of your business and monitor the effectiveness of each ad.

Targeted advertising

Thanks to social networks, we can show advertisements not only in accordance with the user’s search queries, but also in accordance with his demographic characteristics and personal interests, selecting, therefore, only our target audience.

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Retargeting is a highly effective internet marketing tool, a technology solution that allows you to show your ads only to users who have performed an action on your website. The possibility of retargeting has almost all modern systems.

Attracting customers with interesting and useful content:

  1. Company blog with articles on professional topics

  2. YouTube channel with training videos
  3. Publications and comments on articles in thematic media
  4. Articles in online media and community blogs
  5. Professional Audio Podcasts
  6. Preparation of analytics, research-based reports
  7. Tests
  8. Distribution of electronic books, manuals
  9. Placement of presentations
  10. Webinars
  11. Making infographics

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Email marketing

Email is perhaps the most underestimated marketing channel. Few people use at least two tools available in the arsenal of email marketing:

  1. Information and thematic mailings
  2. Automated mailing chains
  3. Trigger mailings
  4. Notifications, reminders
  5. Announcements placement, shares in the mailing lists of partners

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Social media marketing is also not limited to creating your own group:

  1. Direct sales
  2. Mass following
  3. Sales through the group
  4. It’s community
  5. Community advertising
  6. Monitoring references to key phrases in social media
  7. Promotions, contests, sweepstakes
  8. Own coupon websites for social networks
  9. Viral videos, memes

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Stages of promotion

SEO promotion, website promotion or search engine promotion are different names for the same tool, which is necessary both for young websites and resources with experience behind them (competitors are not asleep!). Turning to the company, the client wants to know not only about the results of the work but also about the service itself, for which it pays. To do this, KATASIS provides all the information, telling what the stages of website promotion are, and what results from the customer will see at what time:

  1. Search website audit. Your resource is made by creative designers, ingenious copywriters filled it with really selling texts, and interruptions with the Internet are a joke from the past. Then why are you still not the first in the top? To identify problems, SEO experts conduct an SEO analysis of the website, which shows the “weak points” inside it.
  2. Usability analysis. Creating the site, we orient at the user. To do this, conduct a usability audit, which will show how convenient and functional architecture is for visitors. It depends on whether the website will be popular, and the online store will sell.

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  1. Semantic core selection. If you care about the promotion channels cost, then it’s time to stop at this point. Website promotion in search engines depends on how many key queries you take to work and how popular they are (frequency). The higher their ranking, the longer and more expensive the promotion will be. Accordingly, the chances of success also increase.
  2. Internal website optimization. If meta tags, Robot.txt or Sitemap.xml mean nothing to you, then website promotion without elaboration is impossible to imagine. At this stage, SEO-specialists work through images, texts and their placement in semantic markup, check the code and linking. Search engine promotion and e-commerce promotion also involves the optimization of catalogs and product cards.
  3. External website optimization. Promotion of young websites from scratch depends on how quickly the resource earns credibility, and who will link to it. Work with the reference mass includes the search for well-ranked websites, the development of catalogs and stock exchanges, which will then affect the indicators of PageRank (Google).

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Complex website promotion from KATASIS

Complex website promotion is a series of activities aimed at eliminating technical problems of the website, conducting internal and external optimization of a web resource, as well as a complete and detailed analysis of the website usability. In the course of comprehensive website promotion, experts are not only focused on achieving top positions on key requests. The main task of promotion channels company is the rapid growth of targeted search traffic and sales through the website.

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Complex website promotion is a payment not for TOP by key requests, but for RESULT! If you promote your website earlier, focusing solely on query positions, then you probably realized that finding your website in the top of a certain list of keywords is not a guarantee of growth in sales and profits of your business. That is why the complex concept of resource promotion will allow you to get not just a superficial result, but will give a significant increase.

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