SERM — search engine reputation management

What is SERM?

The public image of a company on the Internet is just as important as the reputation of a person. SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) can help you with improving your image. SERM is a set of measures aimed at increasing positive feedback about something. Customers’ reviews are crucial because they allow an organization to occupy a certain place in the ratings.

SERM Search Engine Reputation Management

Word of mouth works on the Internet just like in real life, contributing to the final decision of the customer.

What can damage an image:

  • negative feedback on social networks;
  • articles, news, reviews on blogs and popular feedback services. These are especially dangerous because they can be the first results shown by search engines. The most important are negative reviews on special resources and negative information on the media. You can also find aggressive websites: sometimes detractors create special websites or blogs with false information or even insults directed towards the organization.

SERM Service

The service suits you if:

  • Search results show the effects of a competitive attack (black PR) on your website.
  • Search results related to your company’s work or services are filled with negative feedback.
  • Search results are filled with incorrect information about your product or service (not necessarily negative).
  • The image of your business or product is too weak and needs to be strengthened.

Search Engine Optimization Reputation Management

What will SERM do for your business?

The main task of search engine optimization and reputation management is to move all the negative reviews about your company further down the list of search results, thus improving its reputation on the Internet. A large amount of positive feedback, opinions and information can help with this.

KATASIS uses the following methods to create a public image on the Internet:

  • Service improvement: grateful customers will leave positive feedback;
  • Activity in social networks: it is possible to create thematic groups with discussions of the company, which can be monitored and directed;
  • PR activities and press releases: support the company’s image and its place in the ratings.

SERM Service Costs

The main point is that the amount of positive information on the Internet should exceed the amount of negative information and displace it. This is how you bring back a good reputation.

The advantage of SERM is that it reacts to information about the company on the Internet. Order SERM service from KATASIS. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out how much our SERM service costs.

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) has the following functions:

  1. Creating a positive public image.
  2. Increasing the trust of the target audience.
  3. Increasing brand awareness.

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Basic SERM Tools

What are the tools of SERM? These are various online systems that help specialists quickly find negative information about a given company on the Internet. They have some similarities but each is worth a look.

  1. IQBuzz. With the help of this service, you can keep track of what’s said about you in news feeds, blogs and social media. Its vast database contains hundreds of thousands of resources. All of them will help you search for mentions of brands or individual key requests throughout the years. This information is saved and provided with round-the-clock access. IQBuzz also has a useful feature of generating statistics by users’ sex, age and location.
  2. YouScan. Being a competitor of IQBuzz, this tool also utilizes similar functions. YouScan has a unique interface though and it includes some platforms in its database that IQBuzz lacks.
  3. Opiner. This resource is specifically focused on monitoring social networks. Not only does it allow you to find mentions of brands in social media, but it also helps to determine the tone of statements. Opiner can assess users’ attitude both to your brand and to that of your competitors.

Search Engine Reputation Management Services

Who uses the SERM services?

These services are used by those whose public image depends on a large number of Internet users. When managing the image on the Internet, the price should not be a big concern compared to how important this issue is for your company. Anyone can order the search engine reputation management services and get the desired result.

Stages of work

Now we know what SERM is, but we should keep in mind that pushing all the negative information out of the web is not that easy. To accomplish this, the SERM companies carry out a number of procedures.

Search Engine Reputation Management SERM

  1. Analysis of relevant content. This means monitoring the top results that a search engine yields for the company’s requests. Negative reviews and posts (either true or false) are identified here.
  2. Strategy development. Now you can determine all the relevant and reliable information about your company that you’d like to convey to customers. This information will have to be useful to them and maintain your company’s positive public image. Next, you need to find popular websites for posting articles and reviews or for leaving comments related to your company. Additionally, you should determine the list of requests for promotion.
  3. Strategy implementation. Finally, the SERM company helps you create comments, articles, reviews, news and press releases that are optimized for search engines. Here it is important to process negative information in time. The user wants to see the company’s determination to continuously improve as well as its willingness to take criticism, engage in a meaningful dialogue and suggest ideas.

SERM Company

Why do customers order SERM service from KATASIS?

  • Convenient feedback monitoring system.
  • Notifications by e-mail.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Detailed analytical reports.
  • Detailed monthly reports with graphs, ratings and screenshots.

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