Search Marketing services (Google Adwords)

What is search engine marketing?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) represents not only SEO promotion but a comprehensive service that includes a number of Internet marketing activities to attract the most targeted, interested in the services or products users from search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex) and other channels. SEM aims is used to increase the target audience traffic.

Website Promotion

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a place for advertising held by world’s largest searching web site. Google AdWords for search engine marketing can be used to create, customize and post short announcements. They are displayed on Google search results pages, in Gmail and YouTube services, on thousands of quality websites participating in the Google contextual advertising program Adsense.

By placing your ad, you pay per click (click on advertising, go to your site). The cost per click depends on many factors (region, time, audience reach, niche), but first of all, it is influenced by ad positioning. Their system is somewhat similar to an auction where people bid and compete for the most affordable conditions.

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Search Engine Optimization

KATASIS uses AdWords as a weapon against competitors

The advantage of advertisements is that everyone is equal. And the level of equality is raised only by an advertisement owner. However, your main task is not to get a client at any cost, by raising the bar of the cost per click to the level of unprofitable business, but to receive invaluable statistics on keywords. Always get your money besides clients and related information:

  • which keywords and phrases are more popular with customers;
  • what words give real customers and which — just curious onlookers;
  • when customers are most active and at what time is the greatest excitement among competitors;
  • the most important, according to which words are low competition and good traffic.

Seo Services

What is better for marketing: promotion or advertising?

It is easy to reply: both AdWords and SEO need to be taken into consideration. Starting a project, do not forget about contextual advertising. Achieve some level of traffic and pay for the costs, work on optimization, content plan, and social media campaigns. Consequently, maximum audience coverage and appropriate traffic are achieved.

AdWords and SEO can’t be considered as competitors. They represent two of the most powerful solutions available to the modern web marketer. They have different tasks, but together they will help achieve commercial success. The main thing is a professional approach to the implementation of each strategy. Our company to promote the site will help you to achieve the expected results. We know how to find solutions and launch a successful project.

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Google Adwords Promotion Service

Search Engine Marketing Tools

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service offered by KATASIS’ leading marketers consists of multidirectional actions. We provide the following services: market analysis (specific niche or business direction), technical audit of web resource, internal and external content marketing services, SEO optimization and promotion services in search engines, PPC services, contextual advertising placement, and development of general promotion strategies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The main purpose of this action: creation and improvement of content on the site to improve the position and ranking of the site in search engines. SEO-optimization is necessary for any commercial project to increase search traffic. Such actions attract new target users, who in turn increase the number of visits. Lead becomes a client.

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Now SEO is in the top of Internet marketing tools. Why so? Because more than 80% of visitors are search engines. It is also financially profitable and brings quick results. The higher the position of the project in the search results, the more likely it is that users will enter the site and use its traffic. According to statistics, 100% of users open three or four top links in the search results, 20-50% stop looking at the first material and only 10-20% open the second page of the search results.

Search Engine Marketing

Which tool is one of the most effective for your promotion strategy? Of course, this is contextual advertising of PPC, aimed at attracting only the interested audience. To achieve the desired results and implement the marketing strategy it is necessary to use a flexible and comprehensive approach. Only in this case, all these methods become coordinated. This leads to the synergetic effect of combining all methods into one whole.

Our team of Internet marketers has more than 5 years of experience in the field of search engine optimization, including work with Google AdWords and other services. We have sufficient competence, many years of experience and commitment to excellence, and these are the factors that enable us to create efficient and effective marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing Google Adwords

Can AdWords and SEO be used at the same time?

There is an opinion that when achieving good results due to SEO promotion, there is no Some online marketers believe that it is possible to achieve high results in search engine output using only SEO tools and not using contextual advertising. But this is not the right approach. You can use the Google Adwords promotion service as an additional tool to quickly attract new audiences and increase the profitability of your investments. Contextual advertising is also indispensable if you need to bring a new product or site to market or conduct A / B testing.

Google Adwords For Search Engine Marketing

KATASIS Project Team

In order to achieve all of the goals, each project needs to have a team of experienced and enthusiastic specialists consisting of the following:

  • Project Manager (coordinates work process)
  • Semantics (selects search queries)
  • Copywriter (writes and edits content)
  • SEO specialist (carries out work on website optimization and promotion)
  • SEO curator of the project (develops a promotion strategy)Search Engine Marketing Google Adwords Benefits
  • Programmer (conducts various required stages of development)
  • Specialist in contextual advertising (leads RK)
  • Analyst (analyzes work results concerning marketing).

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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