Are you unhappy with the quantity and quality of sales?

Perhaps you are offering your products and services to those customers who do not need your product and do not want to buy it. This means that you do not conduct business for your audience. You need the target audience analysis.

A business oriented towards the target audience can significantly increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and reduce advertising costs. After all, it’s much easier to offer your services to those consumers who prefer to choose your product and buy it. As a result, you will have a base of regular customers, which means that sales will be consistently high. If the scope of the audience is not formed, then almost with full confidence you can declare the failure of the business.

Audience Segmentation

Order the target audience analysis in KATASIS

Marketing specialists of our company will conduct the target audience research of your organization and determine the segment of consumers to which the business should be oriented.

The target audience is a collection of people united by common social, geographical and psychological signs that are potential buyers of the goods or services of a company and are able to make a preferred choice. They are directed to the main marketing activities of the company.

audience segmentation

The term target group is also common, it is absolutely synonymous with the previous one. The target group consists of existing clients and latent customers. The advertising campaigns of the organization are oriented at the target audience, the group since it is more likely that these consumers will buy the product.

For the target audience, there is its own index of conformity — affinity index. It shows how relevant the chosen distribution channel of advertising for a given target audience is. The higher the score, the more efficient and cheaper advertising becomes. This is especially true for advertising on the Internet — contextual and targeted, which require the most accurate description of the portrait of the target audience.

Target Audience Analysis Order

How to determine the target audience?

The search for the target audience involves creating a portrait of the consumer. To do this, the target audience segmentation is held, that is, the division of consumers into groups, clusters on several grounds. Further, these groups are compared, and the key one is highlighted, the main one is those regular customers who are most active and bring the most profit.

target audience analysis order

Characteristics of the target audience, based on which the segmentation occurs:

  • geographical: place of residence and concentration
  • socio-demographic: gender, age, nationality, status and social roles, education, income level;
  • psychological: life values, interests, habits, aspirations.

Having studied the quantitative indicators for each characteristic, you can make a portrait of a typical consumer of your products. Further it is worth directing your marketing activities to it.

Target Audience Analysis

How to segment the target audience?

Researches of large audiences show that communication is easier to establish with small groups of customers, united in one target audience.

There are 4 basic principles of segmentation:

  1. Geographic, when the consumer market is divided by countries, regions, streets, which depends on the scale of the project;
  2. Demographic (age, gender, religion, family). The buying activity of different groups depends on these signs;
  3. Socio-economic characteristics. This includes education, income and housing conditions. This criterion will indicate the preferences of the buyer, his solvency;
  4. Psychographic criterion obtained through the study of social status, life principles and lifestyle.

Segment Target Audience

For information and subsequent segment audience services, the following analysis tools are used:

  • Surveys, provided on the website or in a group on social networks. It allows you to get information about target transitions, age, preferences and other important data about consumers;
  • Internal and external (on third-party websites) potential audience surveys;
  • Surveys and other research conducted by marketing agencies.

Today, a new tool from Yandex can be used to search and segmentation of the target audience — this is Yandex Audience. You can upload your own information to the new service, use Yandex data to set up advertising campaigns.

Target Audience Segmentation

b2b and b2c when building a target audience

Can the target audience of one online store belong simultaneously to the types of b2b and b2c? Of course, as the cosmetics store can sell products to private clients and beauty salons.

If your end users are only b2b, then it will be easier for you. The fact is that the b2b segment is more stable, of course, excluding periods of crisis. But b2c type cannot boast with stability, because the commodity market is annually filled with modern technologies, new developments and improved cosmetics formulas, which entails sharp fluctuations in demand.

Therefore, marketers involved in the development of a campaign for the b2c sector need almost to monitor the market every month, noting the slightest changes. This is necessary for the timely correction of data about target audience. When choosing buyers for the b2c type, it is worth remembering about the main mistake — this is a wide target audience. To avoid errors, it is necessary to produce segmentation.

Market Research

How does the KATASIS team work?

Our specialists can conduct a study of the target audience for both online promotion and offline activities of companies. Our marketers will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your target audience and recommend ways and platforms for promotion.

To study the target audience, we use the following methods:

  • Surveys, questionnaires and tests in focus groups that, in addition to factual data, will also help to determine the attitude to the product, typical acquisition situations or reasons for refusing to purchase.
  • Monitoring the behavior of customers in the field.
  • Research profiles in social networks.
  • Analysis of search queries on the Internet.
  • Sherrington’s method — answers to 5 questions: who buys, what buys, where, at what time and why.

We will analyze your audience, determine its loyalty to your product and brand and identify the main motivations for buying. Based on this, we will establish how best to distribute and position, advertise and promote products and brand. And also we can set up contextual and targeted advertising and work with the target audience in social networks.

Segment Audiences

Target audience analysis order

Order an analysis of the target audience in segment audiences company KATASIS and increase your chances of marketing success. We guarantee a comprehensive and effective approach in any marketing research. Contact us by phone or leave a request through the form on the website.

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