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Seo-audit or seo-analysis is a great way to find out what poses a problem for a better placement of you site in search results. Issues might lie in content or there might even be some problems with your code. A comprehensive assessment of your site might help find out its issues and make it friendlier towards search engines. As a result, it would lead to more entrances to your site, conversions and an increased level of revenue.

Seo Services

In order to widen your share on the INternet it is necessary to make your site more approachable for customers. Optimizing it towards search sites is the first step in this direction.Once you get the results of an audit, it is essential to proceed to reorganization of your site.

There are many internal and external seo-factors that should be considered when optimizing the site. As you provide the assessment of this field, it would be clear why you might experience poor positioning in search engine results.

Professional Seo Services

Professional seo services: which fields need to be audited?

  • Sites which are in the process of development and still haven’t achieved the necessary numbers for considering it a rather popular one. The audit would be concentrated on finding issues with internal structures.In the end an adjusted strategy would be developed in order to eradicate all of the mistakes along the way.
  • Some sites require deep level of analysis of its activity in order to find out all the possible issues with it. Among the examples of those sites are: some startups, large sites and those ones which poses a big semantic core.
  • Those sites which are only on the beginning stages of their development and need to have a reality check in order to correct the strategy towards its development.


We offer not only a list of issues

Our company offers not only a list of problems, we also explain the nature of those issues and propose the most efficient solutions. Lots of businesses addressed us concerning the eradication of those issues so we introduced a specified SEO assistance to deal with this serious issue separately.

Each issue is summarised with its short description and the best solutions for it. It is not enough for us to only identify the issue. Our ambition is to show you the way it originated and help you understand the best ways of solving it.

Seo Services And Websites

What does seo-audit include?

  • Compilation of a large number of keywords based on the most popular ones for search engines.
  • Distribution of those phrases into the variety of categories based on their meaning.
  • For each group of words we will prepare the most suitable landing pages.
  • Show the site’s positioning in Google.
  • Understand if there is an existence of some punitive measures towards this site imposed by Google.
  • Introduce a better approach of structuring a content.
  • All the content is checked concerning plagiarism. Based on the results, fixed content strategy is offered.
  • Propose more optimal manner to generate URLs.
  • Our company will provide you all the necessary recommendations for URL optimization.
  • Check the pages of the site in a secondary Google index. We offer a way of terminating them.Effective Seo
  • Recommendations concerning eradication of issues which were found in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Checking the presence of duplicated content and provision of recommendations about its elimination.
  • All of the broken links would be gathered in one table.
  • Page loading, responses and redirects will be checked. Based on them, ways of their improvement would be introduced.
  • Develop the most suitable robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
  • Links for the project would be evaluated basing on the great variety of parameters.
  • We will compile a list of references from «substandard» donors, which we advise you to delete.
  • Offers of new link acquisitions would be provided.

Seo Specialist

Seo-audit represents only half of the way

The number of results influencing the placement of your site is huge. It’s virtually impossible to eradicate all of them, but proper analysis helps you understand where to address your full attention and achieve the most optimal result. Moreover, the real issues with your site would be identified. Once those issues are tackled, both traffic to this site and your profits will increase.

To make the overall strategy towards content better it is necessary to take into consideration both seo optimizations and the proper choice of keywords.

Good Seo

SEO-promotion services (search engine optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) represents guidelines towards making a site more appropriate for its representation in early pages of search sites (Google, Bing, Yandex etc.). This is done in order to increase traffic, the number of customers, and achieve higher level of website monetization.

Search engine optimization

The use of this approach leads to increased level of branding and better sales. We could also name five more goals which are taken into consideration while using this approach:

  1. Increase the volume of traffic of potential customers.
  2. Improvement of image brand.
  3. Improve the loyalty coming from an audience.
  4. Tracking the data on the behavior and interests of the target audience.
  5. Improve conversion and lead to higher levels of profits.

Professional Seo

Methods of search optimization

It takes a lot of time and resources to get it right, however it is still necessary to be done taking into consideration the potential profitability it provides. Potential work to be done includes eradication of code mistakes and increase of citations on external sources.

Steps for a site optimization

  • Filling the web-resource with relevant content with necessary keywords (user requests, for which they search for products / services in search engines);
  • Code is optimized and all the content is edited to make a page faster and more user-friendly;
  • All of the flaws need to be eradicated both in terms of front end and back end;
  • Adaptation of the web-resource for portable devices (processing of the structure and external design, shortening of the code, exclusion of unnecessary code elements);Digital Marketing
  • All the information on the site needs to be up-to-date, all the links must work, all old and unnecessary features need to be deleted;
  • Development of internal files of the system (sitemaps.xml, robot.txt, etc.), which are crucial for communication with search sites;
  • Lots of pages on the site need to be interconnected in order to make a site faster and more efficient;
  • Adjustment or creation of meta-tags required for indexing by search engines.

Methods of external search engine optimization

  • registration of a web-resource in thematic catalogs (for example, Google My Business, Yandex.Catalog);
  • exchange and purchase of links on thematic portals to increase the citation index;
  • promotion through PR-channels (publication of press releases, news, articles, etc.);
  • promotion through social networks (increase of social activity of the enterprise);
  • crowd-marketing — advertising by means of leaving comments concerning recommending the product to other users.
  • creation and promotion of satellite sites: corporate sites, blogs, news portals.

Seo Audit

In the context of SEO-promotion, it is also planned to install analytical systems, such as Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica and other analogs. The more information is received concerning each and every feature of a potential customer, the better end result would achieved in terms of revenue.

SEO services company: flexible approach

Our company chooses the most suitable approach for each case: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

Any changes to the project can be made, we can work on each request.

The client might even track the project progress in a special checking system.

Search Engine Optimization

Our project managers are ready to assist with every question and issue relating to a project. A meeting with project team can be held when requested by a client.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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