SMM promotion and management

SMM services are what every brand needs regardless of its age, scope and focus. Declare yourself, create the right image and increase sales — it’s all possible due to competent work in social networks. SMM promotion includes the development of a strategy, the creation of a unique design and the introduction of community-management mechanics, which is under control of SMM-specialists in such promotion companies.

Why do you need to contact us?

  • Our services are SMM promotion and training
  • We find real and concerned subscribers
  • We increase the number of conversions
  • We report on the work done every 2 weeks / month
  • First results after a month of work


Social media marketing services: which social networks we use

Looking for a serious business audience? Or are your potential clients? It is necessary to build communication with any client in a common language in comfortable conditions. Since each of us has social network accounts, the task entrusted to the SMM agency is to reach out to everyone, at the right time and with the right message.

We have progressed and continue to work in the following networks:

  • Medium
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Bitcointalk
  • Vkontakte

We offer smm services:

  • Development of a content plan for 3 months with examples
  • Creation of unique branded design
  • Targeted advertising: training, customization and implementation
  • Search and cooperation with authoritative communities and opinion leaders
  • Development and implementation of community-mechanics (actions, contests, flash mobs, etc.)

Social Media Marketing

SMM management in social networks: stages

  1. Market analysis and identification of audience needs. Before starting any SMM campaign, you need to create a portrait of the Target Audience, which will help you decide on the platforms, content and delivery. You need to evaluate your competitors for this, develop your own unique offer and, of course, evaluate the achievements of your colleagues.
  2. Drawing up an SMM strategy. At this stage, texting, visual content and placement schedule are developed. As a result, we receive a ready-made media plan for 3 months, which allows you to predict the results and increase the representation on the Internet.
  3. Setting up targeted ads. If you need fast results, then quality content needs additional stimulation — targeted advertising. Let your ads and posts be seen only by those who are really interested in your services.
  4. SMM site promotion in social networks. We allocate a specialist to every project that develops a strategy and implements it in your accounts. In addition to placement, we interact with opinion leaders, moderate the community / group and provide reports at the end of the month.
  5. Training / consulting or maintaining accounts. If suddenly you want to understand SMM yourself or plan to upgrade the skills of a full-time manager — you can use the training service and after 6-8 sessions increase the popularity of your accounts.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Price for SMM promotion

The price policy of any SMM-service depends on various factors: the direction of the business, the popularity of the brand, the specificity and the volume of the audience. To work with each project, an individual strategy with design and unique promotion mechanics is developed. Our brief will say the exact price!

The purpose of testing is a comprehensive check between the expected system performance and the correspondence of real performance to the requirements.

To achieve this goal, the testers perform the following tasks:

  • Beauty and health industry
  • Sports subjects
  • Business goals
  • Smm advertising of food, drinks
  • Promotion of the establishments
  • Smm thematic activities
  • Personal promotion in social networks and others.

Social Media Marketing Company

Why should you choose smm from our company?

  • Personal manager with a dedicated project team
  • Promotion of groups / communities / pages within a month of work
  • Cooperation with opinion leaders from different spheres
  • Further monetization of the project and regular income

Social media marketing company: our advantages over other companies

  • Individual approach. Constant dialogue with the client, joint decision-making, originality and creativity
  • Professionalism. The market is full of unqualified experts, it gives you an easy victory over competitors, cooperating with us
  • Real clients. We provide only real customers, we don’t wind bots and fakes
  • Modern approach. We use only modern technologies and promotion tools, as well as conduct training for new specialists
  • Transparency of works. You can monitor the process of business development in real time
  • Flexibility. We will make a strategy of promotion to any budget

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing agency: flexible approach

We work on a methodology that is convenient for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

We are not afraid of changes on the go and are ready to provide timely communication and information about the stages of the project.

If desired, we provide access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker.

Each client receives a personal, competent project manager who is able to answer most questions. If necessary, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is possible.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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