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Advertising in social networks

In social media, business is promoted mainly through SMM and SMO.

SMM is social media marketing and is a set of measures that are aimed at organizing an optimal representation of a commercial company and its activities in social networks.

SMO (social media optimization) — joint measures aimed at attracting users of social networks to the target website. One of the requirements for such promotion is the need to change the structure of the website in order to increase its convenience and attractiveness for visitors of social services and networks. At the same time, tools for network integrating are used (installation of widgets and social network buttons), as well as advertising campaigns are organized in them.

Advertising In Social Networks

The main stages of business promotion in social networks

  • Preparation. Audience research, competitor analysis, making recommendations
  • Planning. Promotion strategies development, selection of tools. Design and creating accounts.
  • Promotion. Social networking, advertising groups, posts buying
  • Post-analytics. Activity analysis, recommendations, corrective amendments

Advertising Through Social Networks

With the help of social networks you can and should solve the following business problems:

  • Create and promote a company profile, branded pages and community.
  • Create and publish content and maintain the interest of users.
  • Attract and increase traffic: like, repost, follow and share.
  • Place viral and contextual advertising with targeting.
  • Conduct polls, contests with the active involvement of users.

Website promotion in social networks is beneficial if your business has an active audience, attracting which would be useful in terms of commercial profit. It is necessary to promote the website in social networks, if its intended audience is actively using these services.

Why do you need SMM marketing?

People in social networks are set up to communicate, they are friendly and relaxed. To deserve the loyalty of the audience it is easier here than anywhere else. Contact us and we will show how it works.

Social Networking

What do social media advertising marketing services give?

  • Wide audience learns about your brand, and it becomes more popular.
  • You get quick feedback from the target audience and customers.
  • The website’s natural traffic is increased by social networks.
  • The loyalty of the target audience grows with sales.
  • Repeat sales are stimulated.

KATASIS actions to promote the company / website in any social network

  1. Collect information about the target audience that uses the resource, and about competitors who have representatives in this social network.
  2. Register an account, create a group name and logo, create a page and fill it.
  3. Maintain an account, make content and interact with the target audience. Attract new visitors to the group, chat.
  4. Create and implement targeted advertising campaign using social network tools.

Facebook Promotion

What social networks are actively used for SMM?

As we have outlined above, these are mainly thematic networks that attract the largest number of users.


Facebook gathers an audience of over a million cities, there are many experts, representatives of top management and business owners. It sells good quality goods and services in the price range from medium to premium. Facebook promotion is convenient for Western projects.


More than two hundred million people follow the news on Instagram, and these are mostly people under the age of 30. Colorful photos, videos, collages, animated graphics are useful for a bright presentation of a company in a social network. Instagram promotion is an excellent tool for promoting “viral” content and for using creative ideas in business.

You do not know what social network and what type of advertising is perfect for your business? Contact KATASIS specialists and we will help you make the right decision.

Instagram Promotion


It is an efficient ecommerce conversion platform. 60% of active piners are more likely to search on Pinterest than on directories.


It is the most powerful resource of promotion in the business arena. It gives the opportunity to get the highest quality traffic.


It shows advertising video on clearly limited audience segments, pay per view, go to landing pages, fast coverage at a competitive rate per view.


It is good for rapid dissemination of information. Generate substantial traffic to the website. This social network has high audience activity.


The company’s page in this social network does not only influence popularity among users, but is also encouraged by the search engine in SEO promotion.

Promotion Of Social Networks

What does our social media advertising agency offer?

  1. Unified strategy. Easy adaptation of social networking features with other promotion channels. Adding the functionality of social networks to solve sales problems, increase media coverage of advertising campaigns.
  2. Flexible tools. Effective addition of measures for search promotion and contextual advertising projects, increasing the «clickability» of advertising messages and banners, reducing the total cost of attracting visitors to the site.
  3. Traffic and sales. Solving the problem of selling goods or services through the development of individual mechanics of interaction with the audience, the creation of special projects and activations. Extensive «targeting» of the right audience with contextual advertising tools.
  4. Interaction with the consumer. The solution of a number of marketing tasks: increasing loyalty of the target audience to the brand, increasing awareness, creating an additional channel of communication with the target audience, managing the reputation of the company, supporting its positive image.
  5. Design of the brand: styling pages Instagram, Facebook, Telegram. Design of pages in one corporate style. Develop content plan according to your strategy.Business Promotion In Social Networks
  6. Advertising setup: targeted advertising, remarketing, dynamic remarketing, cross sales, additional sales, seasonal advertising campaigns (promotions).
  7. Website audit: technical analysis, copyright analysis, usability auditing, design auditing, marketing analysis, SEO auditing.

We are Katasis

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