Unique Selling Proposal

What do you get by ordering unique selling proposition development in KATASIS?

A unique selling proposition (USP) is the best way to convey product information to a potential customer. In the conditions of a modern crazy competition, it works much more effectively than the usual advertising text. It is the USP that allows you to turn an ordinary product into a “unique” one.

Thanks to USP, the product is positioned as special and unique. It is able to solve the problem and satisfy the need of the client.

It is very difficult to create a unique selling proposition unless you are introducing an innovative product or service on the market that is no longer represented by anyone. The main niches in any segment are occupied by competitors who have been using various advertising strategies for more than one year. However, it is possible. A product that has a USP wins in comparison with a product without it. To order a unique selling proposition, you should contact the experienced specialists of KATASIS, who will find and emphasize the distinctive uniqueness that will help highlight your brand, attract the target audience and increase the company’s profit.


What influences the unique selling proposition development cost?

  1. A field of activity and features of the company.
  2. The total items number of products or services for which you need to develop a USP.
  3. The number of options developed.

Unique Selling Proposition

Unique selling proposition development a product: stages

  1. Analysis of the product. Our experts will conduct analytical work that will help describe your product, its packaging, analyze all its pros and cons.
  2. Market analysis. KATASIS experts will conduct a comprehensive market research, examining its structure, condition and highlighting current trends.
  3. Target audience analysis. The marketers of KATASIS will create a portrait of the consumer, analyze all the quality of the goods that are relevant to the target audience, in order to understand what should be the emphasis in creating the USP.
  4. Competitor analysis. KATASIS will analyze all competitors’ offers on the market, examine them for the presence of USP, examine the advertising work of competitors in order to determine which product qualities are already described in advertising and which remained untouched by competitors.
  5. Internal audit of the company and brand. We will check the status of the company, carefully examine the positive and negative aspects of the brand and make its description.
  6. Formation of a key benefits list. Having received all the necessary data, we will compile a list of the main unique selling proposition advantages.
  7. Creating a USP. Based on the processed information, our company’s specialists will develop a unique sales proposition for your brand, which will be a synthesis of product-relevant qualities, unaffected aspects by competitors, and a distinctive feature of your product or service.

Develop A Unique Selling Proposition

Requirements for a unique selling proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) is an advertising and marketing strategy that must meet three requirements.

  1. The text should contain a specific proposal for the consumer (buy a specific product, get a specific benefit).
  2. The offer must be unique, competitors either cannot make the same offer, or simply have not put it forward. Uniqueness can be directly related to the product, or consist in an unusual advertising statement.
  3. The proposal must be strong enough to lure a huge number of new consumers, to persuade them to purchase a product or service.

It is impossible to create a unique selling proposition using only empty enticing words. We need to come up with such a communication message that will help the consumer:

  1. reconsider their usual views;
  2. take a fresh look at a specific product category;
  3. select goods among others.

Order a Unique Selling Proposition

Create a USP: principles

USP is not just a listing of the unique characteristics of a product or service. Its main task is to create a message that will clearly send your idea to the consumer. At the same time, it is necessary to convey information in such a way as to differ from competitors, as well as to cause the consumer’s wish to make a purchase.

Creating a USP: the main ways

  1. Difference from competitors. In 1997, Apple made its advertising slogan «Think Different», actively emphasizing its difference from the competitors using the PC.
  2. Unique customer benefits. Only in the supermarket chain you can buy the product at the promotional price.
  3. The importance of the problem that the product or service solves. A tired middle-aged woman comes home from work, looks at a mountain of dishes and sighs. Well, where is the new dishwasher?
  4. Personalized appeals to the buyer. Whiskey is made only for strong men.
  5. Quantitative parameters (such as 5 years of experience, delivery in 10 minutes, etc.). Some brands actively exploit already in the title the status of the product.

Let’s be clear that it is difficult to create a USP without a positioning concept, since these two elements are closely interrelated with each other. Therefore, if your product does not have a developed positioning concept, marketers and designers of KATASIS will be happy to help you solve this problem.

Unique Sales Strategy

Why do you need to order unique selling proposition development for business in KATASIS?

  1. It will be easier to sell goods with USP.
  2. You will not need to be afraid of competitive low prices, since the product will have anotherunique selling proposition benefits.
  3. Even with similar offers, your product will be unique.
  4. It will be much easier to motivate the consumer to re-purchase.
  5. You will receive a platform for creating a successful product promotion strategy.

The development of a unique selling proposition is an important step towards success. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to professionals — KATASIS branding agency.

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